Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Separatist Who Cried Shit Wolf

Ah Gilles!  Trying to build some momentum are we?  I see that you are using 2010 to drum up the old license plate adage "Je me souviens" so Quebeckers remember the round number anniversaries of the Levesque referendum (1980) where you "Oui"s lost, the failed Meech Lake Accord (1990) which sparked your little party, and the Bouchard referendum (1995) where you guys lost again!

Thus continued the whole "unity" debate, resulting in billions more federal transfer dollars pouring into Quebec, symbolically highlighted by kick ass Canada Day fireworks displays in Montreal.

And where does that get us?

Well according to you, nowhere really.  So to get the ball rolling (again), you go on a cross-Canada tour, which from what I recall, barely anyone noticed or even attended your little gatherings to see what Canadians thought of you guys.

But you know what?  We remember stuff too!  Remember when you said that it's "undemocratic" for the Conservative government wanting to remove the $1.75/vote taxpayer subsidy for political parties, where your party gets over 80% of its revenue from? Yet now you cry like a selfish child when its proposed that Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia should get more seats to have a proper and fair representation by population in the House of Commons--you know, to achieve a better democracy that you claim to embrace!

Now, you release a poll from a pro-"sovereignty" company to show that Canadians outside Quebec don't want to open the constitution where Quebeckers overwhelmingly do. 

How convenient is that?

"Canadians have moved on to other things," he said. "They build their country as they see fit, that's all. They're no longer open to satisfying the ambitions of Quebecers. Federalism is a dead end for Quebec."

HAHA!  Ah, Gilles. You make me laugh so hard it hurts like my arteries do when chowing down a huge plate of hot poutine.  As you may or may not be aware, Mr. Duceppe, building Canada has largely included propping up Quebec, expanding bilingualism so far that even on WestJet flights you can start to make out the French recording translation telling you that "Il s'agit d'un vol non-fumeur".

Canadians have moved on indeed!  Why?  Because before, when you Quebec separatists whined and complained about EVERYTHING, we still came running to you with chocolate, flowers, calling you a "nation" with Craven "A" cigarettes, and begging you to reconsider, listening to your every word.

But now Gilles, this so-called momentum you're trying to move to reinvigorate animosity is falling on deaf ears.  This time, Gilles, no one's listening, because no one cares. Not even the great Bouchard gives a puck anymore.

All you and your Canadian taxpayer federally funded party are doing now is crying shit wolf.  Shit wolf, Gilles.  Shit wolf.


Patrick Ross said...

Very Lahey-esque.

wilson said...

Poor Ducey, only 2/3 of those who vote BLOC want to separate....1/3 just want the goodies the BLOC MPs deliver.

So campaign on a separate Quebec nation and Ducey loses seats......
Plus, get rid of party subsidies, and the BLOC could go back to 30 seats.

maryT said...

Next referendum all Canadians should be allowed to vote. There will not be massive groups of westerners to say, stay, we will say, go, the sooner the better.

The_Iceman said...

"If you plant shit seeds,
you get shit weeds"

-Jim Lahey

Anonymous said...

Mary T... I have been saying for years that the ROC should be able to vote on kicking quebecs a$$ out of confederation. They would have to take their share of the national debt and nothing else.

Rob C