Thursday, May 06, 2010

Quick Quibbles

My comments on the latest in the politico world...

  • On MP Helena Guergis getting turfed from above as the Conservative candidate in her riding although her riding association supports her ... I haven't talked about Helena or Rahim at all, and will continue to do so.  But I will say this... if anyone thinks that there's any resemblance of the Reform Party's grassroots structure in place, think again.
  • Liberal Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff has the 2nd worst attendance record in the House of Commons and the Liberals dominate the worst.

  • Speaking of whom, regarding the Prime Minister seeking the private opinion from Count Iggy on who the next Governor General should be, and Iggy ignorantly and stupidly goes public about it, politicizing the tradition, that he'd like Michaelle Jean to continue for another term, is it me, or did Harper somehow know Iggy was going to do that, making Iggy looking like a broken eggy?  Harper's playing Iggy like a fool by tapping into Iggy's weakness--his ego.

  • Then the Liberals introduce a motion in the House of Commons to tighten lobbying rules, which passes unanimously, but the Conservatives want to take it further and have it apply to all MPs, Iggy backs down by saying he hasn't read the proposal. Regardless, call it what you want, it's another sneaky countermove by Harper and Co. and they won.

  • The deficit isn't going to be as bad as previously predicted and Canada's economy is still tops in the G8. But I do grow weary of gov'ts ALWAYS getting their "forecasts" wrong.

  • Politicians swear all the time, just not often publicly.  That said, the issue that Canada will not take part in G8 funding for abortions abroad appears to be in-line with UN policy, so what's the issue?(h/t Stephen Taylor)

  • UK Conservative David Cameron will be the next UK Prime Minister after today's vote, but it will be a weak minority with the balance of power going to the Liberal Democrats. I predict something like this...
    • 300 Conservative
    • 230 Labour
    • 100 Liberal Democrats
    • 20 other
  • On Petty Officer Second Class Craig Blake: “One conversation was all it took to like and respect him.” -- Brigadier-General Dan Menard. He had successfully completed his mission near the village of Pay-e-Moluk on Monday when the blast struck at 4:30 p.m. local time.  h/t Dr. Roy.

  • And with that, the Canadian Navy celebrates 100 years.  Their most notable victory was D-Day. I happen to know a great man who was there. Read an interview with him.


Patrick Ross said...

British elections evidently take forever. Sheesh.

The BBC is actually suggesting that the British Tories may manage a small absolute majority.

Anonymous said...

"if anyone thinks that there's any resemblance of the Reform Party's grassroots structure in place, think again."

Correct. Anyone can view and download the nomination rules from the CPC website. Basically, anything the EDAs do can be over-ridden by national office, and they can do whatever they please, without any recourse.

Changing that will not be easy, by any stretch.