Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Culture War continues...

Before I begin, it's quite sad to hear the loss of Colonel Geoff Parker in Afghanistan.  Not a day goes by where I don't stop to think about our troops over there.  They HAVE made a difference and their bravery, courage, and honour will live in eternity. God Bless Our Troops.

The Culture War

Liberal support is down to 25.1% in the latest Frank Graves Ekos poll.  Yeah, yeah, I know. It's Ekos. If the Liberals took Frank's advice on the culture war, then it looks like they need new advice. I still question Ekos polls, especially with the Green Party consistently above 11%, when every other poll doesn't have them so high.  As well, interesting how Frank released this 'unbiased' poll just when the CBC ombudsman said Frank and the CBC weren't biased. Hmmm...

And even if the Liberals didn't take any advice, then the culture war still continues.. The Quebec Assembly sure as hell ensured it endured with their 109-0 vote on demanding the Prime Minister take a stand on abortion.   The PMO responds:

“The Prime Minister has consistently said throughout his political career, before we formed the government and even after, that our government will not initiate or support legislation that reopens the debate on abortion,” said Dimitri Soudas.
So there.

Iggy and the Grits

And in his dull non-specific speech to Liberal supporters at $500 plate dinner in Toronto, Michael Ignateff thinks that the Tories are the ones who started this culture war.  (And if they did, so what, you'd lose anyway.)  Jeffrey Simpson of the Global and Mail has some comments on Ignatieff's "Tired rhetoric, and not much more" speech.

More on Iggy, even before the latest poll numbers, Michael Ignatieff says he's got work to do.  He's been saying that for a while now, hasn't he?  He thinks his rivals have "done a number on him".  Well, boo-frickin'-hoo, Iggy. That's politics.  And with you in dead last of likable leaders, yeah, you do have a lot of work to do.

Other stuff

On auditing MP's expenses.  Here's a solution, why not release the expenses that are over, say, $500?  I don't think every nickel needs to be scruitinized, that becomes a waste unto itself.  Oh, and does this apply to Senators as well?  I haven't heard a peep about that.

If an ex-MP gets caught, it's front page news and the opposition demand his wife gets booted from cabinet. Harper goes one further and boots her out of the caucus and as a candidate. Then she goes on CBC and cries crocodile tears while the Liberal Party president says she was mistreated.  BUT!  But if it's a sitting Liberal MP who gets caught, then barely a sound is made and he remains in caucus.  Double standard galore!

Prime Minister Harper fights the good fight

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and his army of cabinet ministers have been fighting THE GOOD FIGHT against the European global-socialist weenies on the proposed global bank taxIn speaking to a group of students, he has also said that at the upcoming G8 and G20 summits in Canada, that the economy should be the focus, not "side shows". That's an obvious jab at Liberals.  He recently told United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon that climate change would probably not be a high priority on the agenda either.

With the Greek government and economy in turmoil, raising major doubts about the Euro, this has had immediate effects on Canada's economy.  The Loonie and Canada stocks have taken a hit.

So to all you out there, Harper's right.  And to use the old Democrat adage, "It's the economy, stupid."

There's so much more going on, it's difficult to keep up, but I hope this post helps.

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Patrick Ross said...

I wonder if EKOS is still Murray Dobbin's favourite pollster.