Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marci Macdonald's book

Have a read of this review by Naomi Lakritz of the Calgary Herald on Marci Macdonald's crappy book "Armageddon Factor", which assumes every policy of the Harper gov't is based on Christian-fundy influence.  "Shrill nonsense" she says.  I agree, but let's go further and just say liberal bullshit nonsense.

The following bit from the article defines where I believe Canadians are at in their ideological beliefs and why this made-up "culture war" by Ekos pollster Frank Graves, the Liberal Party, the CBC, and others is already failing.

"Ordinary Canadians, regardless of faith, were equally outraged that their tax dollars had been frittered away on such garbage; and clearly, the government's response showed it was listening to public sentiment, not that its strings were being pulled by a small group of evangelicals."

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