Thursday, May 27, 2010

Liberal talking points...

Ah that Warren.. the king of spin...  apparently, the Liberals aren't talking coalition.
Here are Warren's talking points... note what I said about Harper's 2004 letter where there was NO mention of forming a coalition gov't, unlike the Liberals did with Dion four years later.

Talking Points:
Conservative coalition fear-mongering


• The Harper Conservatives are trying to change the channel from their skyrocketing G8/G20 summit costs by resurrecting a bogus coalition boogie-man.


• Liberals will campaign to form a Liberal government. We aren’t interested in coalitions.

This accusation is rich coming from Stephen Harper, who signed a letter with Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe in 2004 offering to form a Conservative-Bloc-NDP coalition government.

• As former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien confirmed yesterday, there are no coalition talks, no mandate for negotiation, and no negotiating taking place.

• Something the Harper Conservatives just don’t understand is that parties in Parliament can work together – without forming a coalition.

• The Conservatives have even attacked David McGuinty for suggesting that parties in Parliament “should be working together to put the interests of the Canadian people first.”

• The Conservatives think that parties in Parliament should not work together, and would rather put Conservative Party interests before the interests of Canadians.

On the first point -- if you're not interested in coalitions then why did your leader say, "A coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition"?

On the second point (highlighted) -- again, Harper's letter NEVER offered to form a government, only that the Governor General consider her options and consult with the opposition parties.

On the fourth point -- if the Conservatives haven't been working with other parties, then in this minority situation, why do the Liberals continue to vote with the government or let legislation pass?

On the fifth and sixth points -- a Liberal putting the interests of Canadians before his/her party?  That's a good one.  Liberals are only interested in gaining power and will say anything to get there.  It's their M.O. and reason for existence.


byng said...

you have nailed it so well - the butt kicker has cobbled together a yarn, and the lieberal lemmings will cheer. He and Graves are happy their MSM friends are so protective, but even Mr Z is astute enough to not provoke an election - but oh how we wish they would ....... and btw, when does "giggles" get that CBC job ? - their budget seems so invincible

Anonymous said...

I want to see that "SIGNED" deal that we hear so much about. Please Warren show us Harper's signature.

Anonymous said...

Kinsella insists that Liberals are not interested in coalitions. Iggy's signature on a coalition document proves otherwise.

Harper has governed the longest surviving minority gov't in Canadian history. This is, proof that Harper can cooperate with other parties. Kinsella is wrong again.

So Kinsella how much proof is enough proof??? Da proof is da proof if da proof is proven..

liberal supporter said...

Where did Dion's letter use the word "coalition"?

Anne in sw ON said...

Warren is apparently having second thoughts about a possible coalition.