Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Debates and outcome scenarios - followup

English Debate...

Summary:  Harper calm & solid. Iggy stumbles. Layton feisty and passionate. Duceppe not as good as before.

I enjoyed this debate.  I thought each leader respected each other's time.  The first half they attacked Harper and it seemed it was on Iggy in the second half.  They started off with the leaked AG G8 info but it didn't last. I don't think this story is going to stick next week.

Jack wasn't interrupting as much as before and kept on the attacks while highlighting NDP policies.  He did really well.

Ignatieff seemed a bit uncomfortable when speaking and trying to bring together different anecdotes into some nonsensical train of thought and argument and reminded me more and more of a professor at Harvard for some reason .. or just a boring political science professor.

Duceppe was Duceppe.  Like a rambling neighbour but his quote on "I will never be prime minister of Canada, I can assure you that!" got some laughs.  People like Duceppe because he's straightforward and he didn't disappoint.

All that said, Iggy didn't deliver the knock out punch on Harper to make Harper trip, but Layton sure did... on Iggy that is.

Overall, I don't think this debate will change much other than halt the 2-4 point Liberal gain.  Harper made continual compelling and calm arguments why the Conservatives should be reelected with a majority.

At times, it seemed Harper's calmness seemed to frustrate Ignatieff, and for that, overall Harper beat Ignateiff, but I thought Jack won the debate overall.  He was enjoyable to watch.


Anonymous said...

Iggy could not beat Layton! forget PM were looking at anew official opposition leader

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:22
And there is the game changer. If Jack presses on against Iggy he could possibly be handed the keys to Stornoway. Jack will never surpass PMSH and therefore should keep his ambitions realistic.

Elizabeth said...

Jack did really well, I'm impressed, you'd never know he was having health problems. I was surprised at his little zinger against Ignatieff, maybe he's realized that NDP is better off on their own than in a coalition.

Is it just me or did Duceppe's English get worse? I could barely understand him at times! Still he shouldn't be there.

But Harper won. He was calm, collected, the media sure can't spin the "scary, mean Harper" with this debate.

Anonymous said...

Harper majority, Layton opp leader, luv it.

the end of the liberals

Anonymous said...

best comment of the night .... Jack says to Steve,
"why build new prisons, crooks seem perfectly happy in the Senate!". Steve looked as though Jack had exposed him as an onanist!


Anonymous said...

is it just me or is Jack looking more and more like Lenin everyday .....?


Anonymous said...

For a guy, who with his fellow politician wife, who scammed living quarters in govt housing projects, Jacko has some big brassies in referring to Senators as "crooks!" Smells like libel to me.

The Senators should be looking to roast Jackie's brassies, on libel charges.

Love the snide way Jack referred to PMSH as "Steve." Harper could have shot back with, "who do you think you are, George W Bush?"