Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why would they want an election?

Yesterday, the budget debate got postponed, meaning the government will likely fall on Friday over the Liberal non-confidence motion on the Conservative government being in contempt of parliament, which in my opinion, is still debatable being that the house affairs committee has a majority opposition.

So I've been thinking, why would the Liberals and Dippers really want an election?  Poll numbers would indicate that things aren't looking that good for either of them where the Conservatives have been inching up toward a majority.

Are Liberal backroom dealers making Iggy go for it because they want him to lose so they can replace him with a Liberal-NDP merger-friendly leader, say, like Bob Rae?

Same with the NDP?  This is likely Jack's last election anyway. 

Or, primarily, are the Liberals and NDP still thinking that if Harper doesn't get his majority (and it will be close), they have a chance at forming a coalition government of losers in cahoots with the Bloc?

Yesterday, the media directly asked Iggy if he'd form a coalition with the NDP and Bloc.  He didn't say 'no'. 

When pressed further at the news conference about whether he is prepared to accept the verdict of voters if they elect a minority Conservative government, Ignatieff returned to his previous answer.

"There's a blue door. There's a red door. We're going to form a Liberal government. Is that clear enough for you?" Ignatieff then abruptly ended the news conference and walked off.
Actually, Mr. Ignatieff, no, it's not clear.  Is that a Liberal government with an NDP/Bloc coalition?

Why else would you really want to head into an election then?  You are not going to win on your own.


Blame Crash said...

It just doesn't make sense, does it!

Unless they have a plan rigged so that they can take over without an election. They've tried this before and failed but this time they'll be better prepared.

They screech in defense of democracy, at the same time they are undermining it. This isn’t just full frontal hypocrisy, it’s a propaganda technique to designed to disguise and mislead.

The “New Coup” is on! And it’s gonna get ugly out there.

CanadianSense said...

They >60 crowd want to take over and can't afford to host a leadership convention and a sendoff party for their leader?

Iggy and Jack are being pushed out?

Gerald said...

I totally believe that the accusers are going to try to take over the govt. before an election.Why else would they want to bring down the govt.The liberals and ndp won't get enough seats to form a coalition,and would need the bloc.Also,they are afraid that the cpc is going to get a majority.Also,they know that the voters will be angry for causing an election over such trivial matters,and spending over 300,000,000 dollars.They will vote non-confidence,joint together and go to the GG,mark my word.Gerald McGarrigle

Anonymous said...

The GG will insist on an election, so, put that very scary thought out of your head.

The Trusty Tory said...

No! He's "looking Canadians right in the eye" when he says we should trust he's not going to have a coalition! He said that today! He means it! Liberals don't lie! Ever! Especially about cancelling Free Trade, the GST and a national daycare program!!! Honest!!