Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mama's Got A Squeeze Box

"..She goes in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out. 'Cause she's playin' all night, and the music's alright. Mama's got a squeeze box, daddy never sleeps at night." -- Squeeze Box by The Who

Ah, the so-called "In and Out" scandal that has Elections Canada going after some Conservative campaigners, some now senators.  The so-called scandal that has opposition members reeling against the Harper government.  The so-called scandal that already has the courts dismiss it.

Well, superblogger Stephen Taylor has screenshots from Elections Canada own website that shows people from ALL the parties have done it.  So why is Elections Canada only going after Conservatives?

Ooh, big bad Immigration Minister Jason Kenney had a staffer who made the dumb move of using government letterhead to ask for donations to the party, with one of the letters going to Edmonton NDP MP Linda Duncan.  But said MP also had a staffer use government email to do a similar thing.  No one's calling for her to resign. Don't really see a "scandal" here folks.

Ooh, Minister Bev Oda wrote "^Not" on a document to prevent further funding of a human rights group.  Sorry, not a scandal.  Bad document management?  Yes.

And how about prison costs which the Liberals are claiming the government isn't releasing info on.

Then they complain about the Conservatives using "Harper Government" saying the government doesn't belong to one man but belongs to all the people.  Well, the Prime Minister serves all the people and you Liberal folk didn't seem to mind when people called it the Martin or Chretien government.  Seriously? This is an issue?

Then today, they are calling for the Harper government to do more to in Libya to prevent Gaddafi from retaking the country.

So see how the Liberals are nitpicking at everything?  They're trying to build momentum in the eyes of the public against the Harper government.  All interesting timing considering that there is a looming election with the Liberals possibly triggering a non-confidence motion.

Unfortunately for the Liberals, this approach appears to be backfiring.  I don't know about you but when someone nitpicks so much, I just tune out and find it annoying.

Just like mama's squeeze box.


Anonymous said...

The tradegy is, that CBC, CTV, and the MEDIA are all in on the Coalition scam to fool voters because they are a desperate drowning bunch of losers that Canadians are sick to death of. To think that a decent man like Prime Minister Harper has to try and work around this crowd of fools just boggles the mind. All this did for me was to send a donation to the CPC.Elections Canada can eat their hearts out.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could edit your post and print the truth. Seems it would make for much better reading .

Case in point..
1) Oda- the issue is lying in an answer, not the funding nor if she had the authority to edit the report. Simple case of " did you?" "No." But she admitted it later.Dont lie in parliament
2)In and Out is back before the PPSC office and they are interested. Enough so that prison terms could result, although I doubt it and do not want that.
3)Kenney...et al....meh, give ya that one.
4) Where is the prison costs? And why need them, crime has been dropping since the Leafs won the cup. Lets spend it somewhere else, or cut down the debt.

Respect, no matter what side of the aisle youre on has to come to the fore. This lack of respect for Parliamentary procedure all over, and in the case of the Harper Government is troubling. I dont care who is in power, the Govt of Canada is just that, not Harpers, not Iggy's not anyones but yours and mine.
To conscript as Harpers is disrespectful to all of us.

Mike B. said...

I agree on Oda. Don't lie. But the average Canadian got confused as to what actually happened in my opinion. I don't hear much of the average Canadian giving two hoots about this, Kenney, or other stuff I mentioned. This is all little stuff. I would agree that if all this little stuff continues and continues, it could grab enough momentum and attention with the public to warrant scrutiny.

Sean M said...

Inventing "scandal" is all the Libranos, Separatists, NDP and the media have to go on. The Liberals floated their 1993 Red Book and some empty rhetoric about "Families" and junk, to no avail. So they quickly resorted to plan B, the tried and true Fear and Smear campaign. If the Liberal/Separatist/NDP party didn't have a compliant media to rely on, all these smears would go the way of the "hidden agenda' bulls##t they tried before. Without the compliance of the media in running Liberal smear campaigns, the Liberals would have nothing to whine about except their own corruption, which is real and not manufactured like "Odagate", Kenneygate, or the Separatist invented "in@outgate". The media are despicable whores of the Liberal party, just like EC.

Anonymous said...

It seems, from the polls, that the public is starting to get it. These 'scandals' are nothing more than a rabid opposition that hates the ruling government and will yell and scream and kick and throw a tantrum about any LITTLE thing they can, to try an d convince voters the government is made up of corrupt people led by an evil dictator.
Well, I'm happy to see that most people now aren't buying this, and seeing it for what it is.
I truly hope Harper can achieve a majority in the coming election... can't weait to hear the whining when that happens!!!