Thursday, March 31, 2011

Election notes - Day 6: Liberals rise, NDP fall

Nick Nanos has released a poll showing the Liberals have gained up to 4 points nationally where the NDP have dropped by about the same amount.

I'm wondering if talk of the coalition by Harper has actually scared lefty voters to just support the Liberals instead of swallowing their ideological pride and go Conservative.  Or, they hate Harper more than they like Jack and now find Ignatieff palatable.  Or that stupid CBC Vote Compass has fooled Canadians with no views into believing they're Liberal.
Conservative support is stagnant, so Harper appears to be solidifying his base.  But I also believe the business community have left the Liberals for the most part and are mostly Conservative now, same with immigrants.  So I believe the fight for Harper will be to sway at least 3% of centrists in Ontario.

However, this movement on the left shows me that Canadians are paying attention more than I thought.

4 comments: to the radio said...

In this Second Place election, the opposition parties knew they couldn't win outright.
It's the first week and they have to come out of the gate strong against the government to see which way the wind is blowing.

With this latest poll, Layton's leverage in a coalition government just got two cabinet seats weaker.
He has to drop the dime on Iggy now.

maryT said...

I wonder how much the vote on the gun registry is hurting the ndp. Or could it be people watched the angry Pat Martin and Mulcair in the HofC and committees.

Peter said...

If the Libs polarize this election, more of this happens. Why, then, was Harper suggesting a 1:1 debate, only helping the polarization?

And now Layton announces hits to oilsands, further polarizing west away from NDP.

What's goin' on here? to the radio said...

Harper's 1:1 is judo.
Polarize = Hey Jack, Iggy set your house on fire!