Thursday, March 31, 2011

CBC Vote Compass really really is bias

See!  I told you those Liberals were sneaky!

Turns out the guy who's a PhD analyst for the CBC Vote Compass was an adviser on Ignatieff 2006 campaign--one Peter Loewen.


Bruce said...

I answered "neither agree or disagree" on just about every question and I gave Iggy lower ratings than PM Harper and I still came out as a Liberal. What a complete farce

Trevor Tombe said...

I tried this out too, and gave Harper top marks in every leader-specific category, and the other leads the lowest possible marks. My position was dead middle of the bullseye, which implies I'm liberal (closest party). I think I have a theory:

- The leader-specific questions mean absolutely nothing, just collecting data for their own analysis later without influencing your eventual position on the board.

- Answering neutral to every question *should* imply one is a liberal, since Canada's current set of government policies are more in line with liberals than conservatives. So, neutral position implies tacit support, which implies liberal views.

... Just a theory, but I wouldn't go so far as to say the compass is a farce. Are there any other problems with it that cannot be reasonably explained?

Trevor Tombe said...

to clarify my earlier post... answering neutral and giving such heavily tilted answers isn't my real position on this... was just experimenting like the earlier poster.

badbeta said...

I am shocked. I always trust CBC and (he who's salary must remain a secret, up to and including breaking the law, Mansbridge). Surely there must be a mistake. Face it, could be worse, at least they didn't put you in the NDP camp. :)

smartchick in MB said...

I am appauled at this survey. This just goes to show how sneaky and scandalous the liberal party leader is. I am one of the biggest Conservative supporters, yet the answers I gave to vote compass showed I was right of center, but still liberal! Go figure! This is so flawed. All that this is going to to is cause political suicide for Iggy and make intelligent people in this country realize exactly how much of a liar and con he is. I am an unbiased scientist and give credit where credit is due but this is just ridiculous. What this can mean is that the polls in favor of Harper are actually biased low right now due to vote compass skewing the results towards Liberal. Meaning....we may have a majority folks! Thank goodness!