Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CBC Vote Compass is BS

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been using CBC's Vote Compass to determine which party closely aligns with their views and opinions.

This blogger was very closely aligned with, you guessed it, the Conservative Party.  I was actually a bit perturbed though, seeing where the Conservative Party is on the political grid, thinking they would actually be closer to the centre than they were placed.  But I was to the right and south of them slightly.

Then, on advice of a friend, I decided to take the test again, but this time, choosing 'Neither agree nor disagree' and 'No Opinion' on all the questions.  And guess where I ended up?  Smack dab in the middle obviously, and closest with the Liberals.

What a joke. So if I'm completely a-political, I'm really a Liberal?  So who created this Vote Compass thingy?  Well, it was a bunch of University of Toronto students.  Go figure.

The problem with this compass thingy is that it ALLOWS you to have no opinion.  Not only that, but most of the questions are only relevant to today and not on general ideology.   Therefore, it is amateurish and non-applicable to the past or future.

A true compass thingy wouldn't allow it, which is why I recommend out of Britain. I've been using it for years to track my ideological views.  It is much more extensive and forces you to pick an actual answer.

Where am I on it?  +5 libertarian, +1 economic right.  Well, if you took where I am on it and transposed it to CBC's Compass, guess what?  I'm a Liberal!  Oh, the humanity!

No wonder the CBC is promoting the hell out of it and saying "Wow! Hundreds of thousands of people are using it!"  Why? Because they KNOW the default answer is LIBERAL!

Told ya those Liberals were sneaky.  Look for more sneakiness to come.  It's the only way they'll win. But they won't.


Anonymous said...

Iggy's brother took it. He's NDP leaning Liberal was his result on it.Iggy said he likes that result. COALITION??

Then the NDP dropped out of the race in London Essex to campaign for the Liberal against the lone Conservative candidate. COALITION?

Anonymous said...

you can say the same thing in vaughn
Genco drops out to support Fantino

As for the is I am voting Conservative and I'm closer to the Liberal party...nearly choked on my dinner when I saw the results

maryT said...

My take is being a liberal you have no ability to make a decision and go with the wind. You can be swayed by the media and press. You have no firm convictions of anything. Power is all that is important.

Anonymous said...

I think the compass allows for moderate thought which is more of a Liberal trait than a Conservative one.