Monday, March 21, 2011

Intentional contempt, non-confidence & the budget

I've been away in the U.S. and have heard that this week, the House Committee for something or other may find the Conservative government in contempt of Parliament for misleading the House.

The Bloc will probably agree, but I'm not sure if the NDP will go along with it and will wait for the budget, yet as an opposition party, you'd pretty much have to if the government is found in contempt, wouldn't you?  What kind of an opposition party are you if you don't?

But do the Conservatives even care?  I mean, I wonder if this is how they actually planned to have a non-confidence motion and election called... to rope all the opposition parties in, by intentionally being in contempt then blame the "Coalition" for bringing the government down.  Know what I mean?  Seems far fetched, but in politics, you sometimes never know.  If this scenario plays out, the budget will be leaked with good news I'm sure.

But if the government falls on the budget will there be enough goodies for the Bloc or NDP to vote for the budget?  We shall see.

The polls favour Harper and the Conservatives and are very close to a majority.  They are flush with cash.  The rest of the parties?  Not so much, so why they think it's a good time to have an election is beyond me, but again, they may not have a choice.  Unfortunately for the Liberals, the onslaught of TV ads against Ignatieff have inched his approval even further down and the recent ministerial 'scandals' and several high-profile BC MPs retiring haven't resonated with most Canadians either.  The economy is doing better than expected.  The budget deficit will be better than expected.  Canada is responding well to the crisis in Libya.

With all of that in play, it may be a perfect time for the Conservatives to secretly want an election by politically forcing the opposition to vote non-confidence in them over their contempt for the House.

Equally, it also may be a perfect time for backroom Liberals to engineer an election, causing Ignatieff to step down, and further to that, it may be a good time for the NDP to ask Jack to step down too.

UPDATE:  And just as I posted this, the House of Commons Affairs Committee has found the Conservative government in contempt of Parliament.   It's all up to you, Jack!


Anonymous said...

Canadians are sick to death of the the coalition and their faux scandal a week.
The CPC is still up in the polls and Ignatieff is lower then hapless Dion.
The coalition will use any means presented to them ,by behind the scenes retiree's, to take down the Govt. They are aided by the lying media and CBC/CTV.
Time to get rid of corrupt festering Liberals and move forward with a Harper Majority.
Canadians take no lessons from the Liberal regime of the thiefs, NDP socialists and the Block who want to separate from Canada.
Ontario Girl

guffman said...

I think you're dreaming if you think the Conservatives set this all up to concoct an election. But if they did, the ever hapless opposition swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker. Look at how the NDP and Liberals were behaving in the House Committee contempt hearings... like absolute buffoons! - this has been a rigged vote from the beginning and it was, without a doubt, predetermined they would recommend charging the gov't with contempt.
Whatever... if it's an election they want, I say bring it on. The government seems to have all the good numbers on their side going in. The opposition are a bunch of lemmings running straight for the cliffs. I'd love to see some of these smug, elitist SOBs like Ignatieff, McGuinty, Martin and Mulcair lose their jobs (don't know the odds of that but it sure would be sweet!!)

Anonymous said...

Damage control 101 for Harper:
1. Push down all other scandals, hold a news conference and throw each one away... except for the hooker deal.
2. Tell the public that the hooker deal will be fully investigated for wrong doing and that it did not touch the PMO as the media suggests. Don't run from it, in fact embrace it. Turn it into positive PR.
3. Begin attack on Iggy's person: in order to win, conservatives must smash him.
4. Be nice to the NDP and the Block, because they can always be useful.
5. Dig, dig, and dig for dirt on the Liberals.
6. Let the media know that being on the outs with the government can be bad for business. (real conservative)