Monday, December 11, 2006

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Well, where? I'm here in San Diego again and I can't seem to find her. I really love this city. The people are uber-friendly. In fact, one bartender already recognized me from my last visit 4 months ago.

Anyway, lots has happened in politics this past week, so from the hotel...

Same-Sex Marriage - Keeping in mind the vote last week was to re-open the debate, not actually a bill about SSM. Regardless, it was defeated and no debate. Everyone knew Harper wasn't intending on winning it, but the main reason wasn't so much that he promised in the last election, but that the original vote on SSM wasn't a free vote. The Liberal cabinet was whipped into voting for it whereas the Conservatives let their MPs vote freely. But THAT wasn't the main reason either. It had to do with that the Supreme Court who couldn't decide so it sent it to parliament to decide first. Making laws in this country isn't really supposed to work that way.

So the CPC simply had a free vote. At first, new Libleader Dion,

Anyway, my belief about SSM marriage? It goes both ways. Ha!

Lefties Untie! -- Blogger Nicole Martel talks about how although there are three parties on the left, especially as regards to the environment issue, that this still benefits the Liberals somehow. Sadly, she's right ... um, ... I mean, correct. The Liberals are masters of placing the ideological wedge. Dion is already scaring the soft-dippers over to the Liberals. NDP support is slipping to the red machine and the green machine. NDP core support just seems to be weakening and this is not good for Conservatives. The CPC war room needs to not only scare red tories from going Dion, but scare soft-dippers away from Dion. But how?

Stephane Dion's French citizenship is how. This is personal. Not good, but Harper isn't making any direct comments on it. Seriously though, move on guys.

Being a libertarian at heart, I think dual citizenships are great. There's probably more details to work out, but as an I.T. guy who'll be travelling between Canada and the U.S. quite a bit in the next few years due to the clients we're getting down south, some contracts will require a U.S. citizenship of some sort. It's a good thing. I don't care if a leader has dual citizenship, but don't say you'll drop your French card only if it benefits your electability, yet in the same breath say you'll honour it because of your mother.

Hey Stephane, we already KNOW you're French Canadian!

The thing about this is that Duceppe could use Dion's duality as a valid argument that shows Canada is open to allow, oh I dunno, let's say Quebec/Canada dual citizenships. Methinks there are a many soft-nationalists who'd go for that idea.

Calgary - I get the feeling that the Calgary Compact is upset that a Northern rural guy will be premier in a couple of days or more so feeling left out that their boss Jimbo didn't win. Lighten up everyone--Ed's a fair guy who'll reward loyalty (tee hee!).

And now back to San Diego... Carmen that is. Where are you????!!!!

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