Friday, December 01, 2006

Iggy who?

While I'm not much on polls in general, especially from Liberally biased Decima, which all the MSM newspapers love to slap on the front page whenever it shows the Liberals leading or tied with the Conservatives. Remember that poll from several weeks ago which showed the tie?

Well, here's one from Ipsos that contradicts it (or it shows that the Liberals are actually better without a leader). But let's see how much this is played up by the MSM and newspapers. I bet it barely makes a dent, instead you'll see lots of Liberal Leadership Love-In-Stuff.

Harper: 35-38%
Iggy/Rae/Dion/Kennedy: 25-28%

What was surprising was with Dion, former environment kyoto-loving minister as leader, the Green Party numbers go up. I'm glad Jack's numbers are in the high-teens.

With Iggy, Harper should play up the hockey dad Tim Horton image again and again and again.


Quick question: Would premier Charest have played up the Quebec nation thing as much when he was PC leader in 1997? Notice how now that he's talking tough, he's tied with the Boisclair PQ at 37% when not long ago, Charest looked like he was tanking. That said, he's not doing as well with la francaphonie, but better with soft-nationalists.

Soft-nationalists in Quebec remind me of a lot of soft-quasi-closet-separatists in Alberta. They have a lot in common--like dogs really. Le "Quebecois" get a nice medium sized bone to chew on for a while. What will Albertans get? Well, we got a Prime Minister from our province and his push for Senate reform, moderate lower taxes, but we're not really chewing on anything like Quebec has. Thing is, when Quebeckers are done with that bone, they'll want another one. I think a Premier Morton would say, "Well, we want one too" when Dinning and Stelmach wouldn't ask for much at all. The other premiers don't get bones, just Scooby transfer Snaks.

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