Friday, December 22, 2006

Mark Messier

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was recently interviewed (h/t William) and had this to say about former Edmonton Oiler, Mark Messier (whose jersey will be retired in Edmonton in February):

Asked by Global TV which hockey player best stands out as a leader on the
ice over the years, Harper didn't hesitate: "It would be hard, historically, to
say there was ever a greater leader on a hockey team than Mark Messier."

The one-time Edmonton Oilers star was "talented, tough" and "a great
player" (who) "inspired others."
Being a huge fan of the new and old Oilers, growing up, I admired Messier, if not downright idolized the guy. (Side note: When I was a single digit kid, his uncle used to stop by the house.)

Because of this declaration, it's obvious our Prime Minister certainly has a keen knowledge for hockey. How many prime ministers can say that?

Now I know what you're thinking ... "Geez, Hatrock, anything you find in the news making Stephen Harper look good, you'll talk about." True, because there's a lot of biased negative press about the guy that I like to counteract, but this connection between an athletic leader and political leader needs to be made, because when's the last time, heck, first time, that was ever done?

Not only that, but it's obvious our Prime Minister understands what leadership is all about.

When Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings, many thought this was the end of the Oiler's dynasty. WRONG! That year they went on to win the Cup without "The Great One", but with "Moose" leading the way. Granted there were a lot of great players still on the team, and you can have all the great players you want, but without a defining leader keeping everyone focused, all you have are a bunch of individuals. And let me tell you, I don't think Glen Sather was ever really a great coach, but he knew when to let these players do their own thing, and that's why Mark Messier stepped up to the plate early on.

Stephen Harper saw an opportunity to step up to the plate when he ran for the leadership of the Canadian Alliance (which I strongly supported him on). He knew there should be only one conservative party in this country, and once Joe Clark was gone, the will was there to get it done. His leadership style is tough, non-dithering, and full of action. Could anyone keep up to him after that? Look how much he and the party in gov't have accomplished under a year, despite being in a minority situation! I'd say that Mr. Harper is the best conservative prime minister this country has ever had and I know there are more great things to come. So adjusting the snippet above:
Asked by a colleague which prime minister best stands out as a leader on the Hill over the years, Hatrock didn't hesitate: "It would be hard, historically, to say there was ever a greater leader in government than Stephen Harper." The one-time Conservative Party star is "talented, tough" and "a great leader" (who) "inspired others."
But I'm wondering though, the hockey stick I have signed by both Gretzky and Messier, does an endorsement from the Prime Minister of Canada increase its sell value?

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Anonymous said...

ummm...I doubt a Harper endorsement is going to do much for your stick there, bro...

I just stumbled across my early hockey groupie days pic - hanging out at the Oilers practices - posing on Semenko's sports car - you were like 6 years old or something then...

And I was IN love with Mark Messier...and then I went out with his cousin, Tom Messier.

We used to swap spit and stories about Mark - mine were groupie stories, his were fam damily and hockey playing ones...

But there you have it...the numerous ways we used to cross paths.

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Are you packed yet?