Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh look, another poll!

Remember the poll from last week showing Harper would be 7 to 10 points up on whomever was chosen Liberal leader? If you didn't, then as I predicted, it wasn't really slapped on the front page anywhere.

Amazingly, this poll now shows Dion ahead by 6 points on Harper and because of that it gets slapped on the front page on none other than the Globe and Mail.

Paul Wells and Adam Daifallah are saying that Dion won't do as badly in Quebec as some think. Don't forget, Harper called Dion last week regarding the "nation motion" to get his thoughts. Dion went along with the motion, which actually might have scored him points in Quebec.

Dion is off and running with the usual attacks against the Conservatives being right-wing (yawn)and today's question period in the House of Commons had an excellent exchange between the two leaders. So I think there's going to be some quality debate coming up and less personal attack.

But the difference in these polls indicates to me that the Liberal love-in convention had an impact on those who were polled. These sentiments obviously won't last. I think Harper is smart enough not to underestimate Dion.

What gets me is that Dion appears to be getting credit as the author of the Clarity Act, when it was Harper's idea in the first place, like about 10 years ago.

(Hey, remember the election that began a whole year ago? Harper's been Prime Minister for 301 days now. Seems much longer doesn't it? That's because he's actually accomplishing things.)

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