Friday, December 22, 2006

Cooling the global warming hype

If you believe the "inconvenient truth" and enviro-commie hype about the global warming myth and its new moniker "climate change", then read this.

Here are some snippets...

In effect, an experiment has been performed on the Earth during the past
half-century an experiment that includes all of the complex factors and feedback
effects that determine the Earth's temperature and climate. Since 1940, atmospheric GHGs have risen substantially. Yet atmospheric temperatures have not risen. In fact, during the 19 years with the highest atmospheric levels of CO2 and other GHGs, temperatures have fallen.

Not only has the global warming hypothesis failed the experimental test; it is theoretically flawed as well. It can reasonably be argued that cooling from negative physical and biological feedbacks to GHGs will nullify the initial temperature rise.

The reasons for this failure of the computer climate models are subjects of scientific debate. For example, water vapor is the largest contributor to the overall greenhouse effect. It has been suggested that the computer climate models treat feedbacks related to water vapor incorrectly.

The global warming hypothesis is not based upon the radiative properties of the GHGs themselves. It is based entirely upon a small initial increase in temperature caused by GHGs and a large theoretical amplification of that temperature change. Any comparable temperature increase from another cause would produce the same outcome from the calculations.

At present, science does not have comprehensive quantitative knowledge about the Earth's atmosphere.

Very few of the relevant parameters are known with enough rigor to permit reliable theoretical calculations. Each hypothesis must be judged by empirical results. The global warming hypothesis has been thoroughly evaluated. It does not agree with the data and is, therefore, not validated.

Now this from Prime Minister Harper...
At a news conference in the Senate foyer a week ago, Harper said in defence
of his environmental plan: "As we implement our clean-air agenda, the focus is a little different than the other parties. They focus only on so-called greenhouse gases and ignored smog entirely."

Back in the 2004 election campaign, Harper said of climate change: "The
science is still evolving."

And in September 2002, Harper said this when asked about the "greenhouse
effect:" "It's a scientific hypothesis, a controversial one and one that I think there is some preliminary evidence for. ... This may be a lot of fun for a few scientific and environmental elites in Ottawa, but ordinary Canadians from coast to coast will not put up with what this (Kyoto accord) will do to their economy and lifestyle, when the benefits are negligible."

What is it going to take to convince people that global warming is a myth and that our Prime Minister and government are on the mark with the Clean Air Act?

I'm sick of the Al Gore's, U.N. bureaucrats, so-called scientists, and their fellow global-socialists who continue to scare people with doomsday lies into believing we need to implement punishing tax measures like a carbon tax to "save the world". Why no call for a smog tax?

And notice how it's just "carbon", so they can include and fool people into believing that carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are basically one and the same. That extra oxygen molecule allows plants to absorb the product of animals breathing.

So who will have the guts to stand up to enviro-commies and the global warming myth?

Methinks, once again, it's Stephen Harper.

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Lee_D said...

Do you know what makes me laugh? Scams like TerraPass (google it). Playing on the guilt of affluent leftie yuppies. "Sure I drive a Tacoma, but I give TerraPass $30 a month, and they promise to reinvest it in sustainable energy!"


Given the evidence of massive swings in global temperatures across the geologic record, far more massive than what we've measured today, I have difficulty lending credence to the words of the doomsayers.