Friday, March 24, 2006

The past week

Sorry, it's been over a week since my last post. So what's happened?

Harping on Harper's waist
The media has been focusing on Harper's tub, particularly from his trip to Afghanistan. If this is all the main stream media (MSM) has on the Prime Minister, then they better start digging more. They sure must miss the weekly Liberal scandals eh?

Ethics guy clears Harper
Oh, NOW Harper and Emerson are in the clear. Well, thank you very much. The weight on my conscience was killing me!

Graham meets with Harper
Interim Liblead, Bill Graham, met with Harper and told him that if the Throne Speech doesn't have this and that, the gov't could fall. Yeah, callin' your bluff there Billy boy. You need the Bloc to bring 'er down anyway, and I don't think the Bloc wants to give up seats over the child care debate, do you? I say, bring it on. Harper would get a majority.

The MSM was all over this with headlines such as "the race is heating up". Paul Martin finally announces he's stepping down while Martin Cauchon says "non". Bob Rae? Fiddlesticks! Make way for Ashley McIssac! Visit The Calgary Grit for more detail if you're interested in this ... er .. um... "race".

JTF2 rescues hostages in Iraq
Such great news! This mission actually started soon after the capture. Notice how the MSM is avoiding the fact that Canadian troops were in Iraq. My stars!

King Ralph
His retirement announcement months and months into the future makes me ponder about the divine right of kings. The recent bloated budget had tax cuts for corps, but none for individuals. Only sort of good thing is that health insurance premiums (read: tax) don't kick in unti 32k. But then why bother with them at all if private insurance will exist anyway in this "third-way". I'm not a proponent of this third-way. The problem with the system is the management and bureaucracy.

250 year old tortoise dies
Speaking of Ralph. Wow! Now there's a pair of eyes that's seen it all eh? He's been around since before the United States was created and Napoleon. Is this proof that a slow and steady lifestyle under a shell can prolongate your life? So in light of this, I'd pick "Steady" Ed Stelmach the Tortoise to be the next premier of Alberta over Quick Rabbit Jim Dinning or Donkey Lyle Oberg.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of waistlines, don't discount my personal fave to win Alberta's leadership race, Mark Norris. If and when King Ralph ever decides he wants to give up his throne, that is...