Tuesday, March 07, 2006


There's more on Wil, who was senselessly beaten to death on a public bus.

One from his friend who wishes he could have been on the bus with him to defend him.

An editorial that lambashes the four punks, but also the 15 passengers who did nothing to defend the innocent. 15 against 4. Hmmm. No one said or did anything. I'm embarrassed to be an Edmontonian right now.

And here's a bunch of letters wondering why no one helped.

And the concerned police chief wondering why it took so long to respond.

But what gets me is the family and friends of the 4 punks who says "they're good people". Good people? Excuse me? I don't think so. They're evil arrogant fucks. Good people don't kick another human being in the head multiple times even though you're being told to "shut up" after you and your buddies get all rowdy on public transit. Good people don't walk off the bus and say to the bus driver, "Sorry about that," while a man lays there bleeding to death.

And good people should have helped.

The parents of these 4 punks should be ashamed. They obviously don't know what good is nor did they teach their kids any morals.

It's disgraceful. Maybe we should lock up the parents too. Or send them to councilling on how to parent.

Wil's father and brother are driving in from Ontario. Now there's a long trip. Wil also lost his mother to a car crash a few years ago.

Wil was good people.

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