Monday, March 13, 2006

Harper in Afghanistan

Kate covers my sentiments at SDA.

But I wanted to emphasize this:

Drapeau calls visit 'unprecedented'

However, Colonel Michel Drapeau, former director general for the Department of National Defence, said Harper's visit to Afghanistan shows that Canada no longer has a "politics of neutrality."

"It's unprecedented. I can't recall an instance where the head of government … would deploy to the front trenches and bring his minister of defence along to meet the troops," he said.

"It's a brave and very bold move and it's leadership at its very best [emphasis mine]. Years from now we will look back at this day as a turning point … because it shows that Canada has basically shifted gears. We went from a policy or a politics of neutrality … and here we have a prime minister newly elected, with his minister of defence, making a huge statement to allies."

Drapeau said the visit will greatly boost the morale of troops, who will now know that "the Canadian government, through the mouth of the prime minister, is squarely behind them."

Yep, if Jack wants a debate, why didn't he bring it up when the Liberal gov't deployed troops? Why mention it now to stifle the now high morale of our troops? Parliament doesn't sit for another few weeks and even then, there will be a lot on the table.

Hmmm.... I wonder if the Canadian Olympic hockey team would have fared better if Harper went to Turin. Nah. But still.

EDIT: There's a poll at whether you approval or disapprove of Harper's visit. 17% disapprove.

Dear 17%:

This is not whether you agree or disagree with stationing our troops there. This is not partisan. This is about boosting morale of dedicated men and women who leave their families for months on end to free the people in the line of fire and danger to help build a democracy and fight terrorism. It's obviously good that our prime minster and defense minister visited them because they trump any negativity you spew a zillion fold.

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