Monday, April 03, 2006

Manning, what a weekend!

Alberta, Alberta ... won't ya come on home?
Wow. What a weekend in politics!

Friday - Ralph Klein's speech a dud. Pretty much begging to stay on, 'cause well, I've got some ideas, ... wait, er... from .... before. .. but the future, remember? Um. No.

Saturday - Manning gives excellent speech with big ideas, a vision for Alberta and for Canada. Hints at a possible PC leadership run. I was never impressed with any of the other six leadership candidates. I bet with that trial-balloon "announcement", Mr. Manning has already drummed up support and money without him even knowing it. In fact, I bet he's been planning this for a while. Why else would he have given a speech at the PC convention?

Saturday at midnight - Ralphy-boy gets 55% support. I bet it's even lower but some were guilted.

Sunday and Monday - Preston Manning is the talk of the town -- I mean, province.

Meanwhile back in Ottawa...
39th parliament starts today. New speaker right about now. I hope they pick Milliken. He's very good and its one less seat for the Liberals. The House will need some stability.

There's really nothing new that we don't know going on there right now other than Harper's clothes (yawn).

What will be interesting is seeing how far the Bloc will go with Harper? Forget the Liberals and NDP.

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