Friday, November 09, 2012

Real quick U.S. prez election analysis

Obama didn't win. Romney lost.

Romney lost because he lost two and a half demographics:

#1. Latinos.  Bush got 60%.  McCain 40%.  Romney 20%.  Latinos in the U.S. aren't just near the Mexico border anymore.  They can be found in many states.

#2. Women.  Because of his abortion stance and "binders full of women".

#2.1 White men.  Because he flip flopped on issues and confused moderate and conservative-libertarian men... see below... Many went to Obama, some sucked it up and went with Gary Johnson (Libertarian).

Popular Vote (as of Nov 09, 2012):

61,212,519 Obama (Dem.)
58,200,628 Romney (GOP)
 3,011,891 difference

 1,148,187 Johnson (Lib.)

What do the Republicans need to do to win next time?

They should give Stephen Harper a call to see how it's done.


Anonymous said...

Check out Rush Limbaugh today: RUSH: I want to take you back again. Ronald Reagan, 1986, signed into law the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty bill which granted amnesty to three million illegals. And we were told that that was it, okay, we got it done now, and we're gonna secure the border and we've solved the problem; there won't be any more illegal immigration. Well, we all know we're up to between 12 and 20 million illegals now, and we're talking about doing it all over again.

But in 1984, two years before amnesty, Ronald Reagan got 37% of the Hispanic vote. Two years later, 1986, signs into law amnesty, granting status, citizenship, to three million illegals. Two years after that, George H. W. Bush, the veep, runs for president as a Republican and got 30% of the Hispanic vote. now, I don't know if amnesty is why we lost 7% of the Hispanic vote, but we sure as hell didn't increase it with amnesty.

dmorris said...

Romney was only a compromise candidate. Most conservatives wouldn't have chosen him. The Old Guard of the Rep's is out of touch with America,and couldn't manage a win against a disastrous President.

Let's hope,in 2016, the Dems run Hillary,and the Reps run Ryan or Jindal or one of the other young candidates,should be a walkover.

Anonymous said...

You are exactly correct. The Republicans need to talk to Harper and Jason Kenney to find out how to make immigrants a happy, active and vital part of their party. The Conservatives are the most diverse party in Canada.

Anonymous said...

So they should call a man who got 40% of the popular vote to do what? Lose by a greater margin?