Friday, November 23, 2012

Justin Trudeau and the continuing story of Liberal arrogance toward Alberta

The Liberal spin machine is out in full force now that their dauphin has been outed on his 2010 remarks about saying that he's tired of Albertans running the country and that Canada belongs to Quebeckers and Liberals.

This is the typical tired-old Liberal Party arrogance that they honestly believe they deserve to run the country.

Once the most successful political party in Western democratic history, now that they've been out of power for a mere six years, they are in disarray and are hoping that Trudeaumania Part Deux will spur old Liberals into the fold again.

But whether it was his father giving the finger to Albertans, the National Energy Program (NEP) that crushed Alberta's potentially booming economy, their disdain for any Senate reform to give equal representation to provinces like Alberta, Chretien's remarks regarding preferring "to do politics with people from the East. Joe Clark and Stockwell Day are from Alberta, they are a different type", or Scott Reid, Paul Martin's press guy saying "Alberta can blow me".  The list goes on.

Then finally, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's brother, David, an Ontario MP and now former energy critic in a House committee meeting tells Conservative MPs to "go back to Alberta".  Gee, thanks, Dave.

Every time any of these Liberals campaign in Alberta, they praise the oil sands, but then back home, they decry its supposed environmental impact on global warming, and then in the same breath, quietly see the obvious economic benefit to the whole country so they scheme a way to ransack the Alberta cash in transfer payments, through the NEP or a useless carbon tax.

Justin even went so far to say he'd rather have Quebec separate than live in Stephen Harper's Canada.  Seriously?

I'm personally sick and tired of these Liberals who try and play footsie with Alberta, then blast it with arrogant comments.  It's the same old crap.

And Heir Justin is no different.   Heckling "Oh you piece of shit!" in the House of Commons?  When does it end.  How many apologies for rude comments?

He's an arrogant Liberal like the rest of them.  NONE of them have ever had Alberta's best interest in mind, only their own hunger for power and Quebec's interest and therefore, not Canada's best interest as a whole in mind either.

If I was a Liberal (ha!), I'd be supporting a leadership candidate someone way smarter, way more qualified, more dignified, more experienced, who understands economics, technology, and the future.  Astronaut Mark Garneau.  I'm telling you, Liberals, don't fall for the easy, sexy way to power.

Basically, don't continue the history of Liberal arrogance.

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