Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alison Redford and corruption

Congratulations to all those who voted PC last election. Don't you feel better?  Especially you 'progressives'.

It appears now Alison Redford's sister, an Alberta Health Services executive is caught in a scandal involving illegal expenses incurred for hosting a PC BBQ amongst other things.

As well, note the difference in language from the Premier between dealing with a similar scandal with a former AHS exec and now with her sister.  It's disgusting.  Visit The Alberta Ardvark to see.

How can people in this province continue to support this diseased PC party is beyond me.  Any of you who believed that they would balance the budget without ransacking savings and now saying 'well, we have an infrastructure deficit' (what, this same party didn't know before?), need to really rethink your voting habit.  I'm serious.  Won't matter though, you'll forget in 3.5 years.  Redford and her corrupt PCs are counting on it.


Anonymous said...

Progressive, in political terms, can be defined as: we'll tax the hell out of everyone to support social programs as long as we get our cut off the top first.

Powell Lucas

Anonymous said...

You know, this sure is starting to smell awful familiar, isn't it? I'm half-expecting to hear Redford address this issue with a witty quip like "that's how business gets done."

Anonymous said...

Associating with the PC Party is good business. As long as so many profit, we won't be able to dump this corrupt party.