Monday, February 27, 2012

I'll say it again.. McGuinty's an idiot

So Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has rejected calls to defend the Alberta oil sands, saying the higher Canadian dollar has "knocked the wind" out of Ontario's manufacturing sector.

Hogwash.  Utter hogwash.

The American dollar is weak and would be weaker if the Euro wasn't as equally weak.  Canada's economy is stronger and more stable due to smart federal fiscal policy. 

So essentially, by not defending one of the key Canadian resource exports, you're wanting oil sands development to decline.

If that happened, where oh where, dear have-not province led by a failed fiscal manager, where oh where would all that federal money come from that you so want to balance your crappy books with?

Would it be from the billions of dollars that come out of the Alberta oil sands in federal transfers?

Oh sorry, that money already goes to Quebec.  Get in line, Dalton!


Anonymous said...

Of course McGuinty won't defend the oilsands...he's a socialist. He wants to see the Canadian dollar knocked back to sixty cents. That way his teat-sucking manufacturing sector can live off the rest of the world. Why be competitive when you can run an undervalued currency and not have to worry about increasing productivity. Socialists believe you should never have to work for anything.

Anonymous said...

i would like to say something that wouls change minds and enlighten people but there is so much ignorance out there i am at a loss. the world price of oil is not set by the canadian government. our oil sands are profitable because the actual worldwide demand for oil continues to climb. does anyone remember when we would not even try to remove oil from the oilsands because the cost was to high. i am tired of stupid.

Anonymous said...

mcguinty is beyond stupid. he has his head so far up his ideology he can't see daylight.

Anonymous said...

The only thing damaging Ontario's manufacturing sector is that friction idiots energy policy. Does he honestly expect Alberta not to exploit it's natural rescourses so his green energy delusions can play out? Unreal?

Thucydides said...

Premier Dalton McGuinty has rejected calls to defend the Alberta oil sands, saying the higher Ontario taxes, electrical costs and regulation has "knocked the wind" out of Ontario's manufacturing sector.\

There Dalton, fixed it for you