Monday, March 12, 2012

Redford and the Money For Nothing Scandal

You may have heard...

There's was this legislative committee, you see, and it had 21 MLAs on it, mostly PCs.  Non-cabinet members on the committee got $1000 extra PER MONTH to be on the committee.

Thing is, since 2008, they've only met once, and apparently, for only 17 minutes!

The committee pay structure works like this... if you're on 7 committees, you only get a maximum of being paid as if you were on 4, so $4000/month.  Yippy!

Now wait a sec... don't we expect all of our MPs to be on a committee of some sort?  Isn't that part of their, you know, JOB?   Teachers don't get extra pay for the countless hours coaching basketball.

Anyway, to take it even further, if you think that's the kicker...

In one breath, Premier Redford said she didn't even know about the committee and said MLAs should return the money on their own as "it's a personal decision"...

Then the opposition and SOME media outlets shed light on the issue and demand that she order her MLAs to return the money...

So in the next breath, today she changes her tone and makes the order to suspend pay for this committee, while at the same time, trying to spin it saying in the leadership race she promised to review MLA pay structure.

Oh, what leadership!  What ethics!

I guess we'll wait until after the election to see if this happens.

Seriously, isn't 40 years of the same party in power not healthy for any democracy?

I'll say it again, vote for anyone but the PCs.  If you're progressive, you have lots of choices -- NDP, Liberal, Alberta Party.  If you're middle of the road you got the Alberta Party, Liberals, and middle-right, you got the Wildrose Party.  One of those parties fits your ideology, because I don't think the PCs are progressive or conservative at all anymore. 


fernstalbert said...

Bring that election on Redford and let the drubbing begin. Everyone I talk to is voting Wildrose - and these are not political junkies. lol Soft corruption is going to get the light of day - and it will be nasty. Cheers.

Blame Crash said...

What the PC's are is an organization that has an increasingly number of open mouths to feed. They've gulped back all our saving in four short years, all the while thinking that it was theirs and now that the public sector hooligans have manipulated themselves into positions of power the spending spree will appreciate considerably.
If they are not stopped this election, the new socialist PC Party will be forced by their new supporters to focus all their attention on keeping the new party faithful well fed.
This will naturally result in the rest of the province people and economy being given short shrift.
The end result is that these greed monkeys will be running 8 to 10 billion dollar annual deficits in four years.