Friday, February 10, 2012

Alberta cannot afford Redford

She's going to raise taxes rather than cut wasteful spending in her own gov't. That's what a "review" is. Which taxes?-- Income, corporate and she'll reintroduce healthcare premiums which hurt lower income folks the most, right at a time when Alberta's economy and unemployment rate is tops. We have a job shortage and by raising corporate taxes, the only jobs saved will be gov't ones.

Premier Mom thinks people who work hard and long hours that make over $200k should pay a higher rate when that is the opposite reason why so many folks flock here to find good work.

We should look no further than Ontario and BC to witness the economic stagnation resulting from high taxes, yet that appears to be the model which Mom wishes to emulate.

She should look at our immediate neighbours East, who used to lag behind.

At her rate, Rider Nation will be stealing jobs and investment from us.

When former premier Ed Stemlach raised royalty rates and booze taxes, at least he realized how dumb that was and repelled them both, along with eliminating Health Care Premiums.

You'd think his successor and party would have learned something.

When Don Getty did the same, including raise spending, Klein had to undo all of those policies and put Alberta on the map of world fiscal envy.

With current gov't spending at a record rate, that envy will soon be gone.

This "anything but conservative" party is so entrenched into the gov't, they've proven that "absolute power corrupts absolutely". Fifty examples of illegal donations from school boards, municipalities, and other public groups have surfaced.

It is time to throw the bums out.

40 years is enough.


Archie said...

Trying to buy votes with TV's and cash is really helping the WildRose party. In Rider country they have potash and the uranium industry the is supplementing the oil industry, but they also are in need of a massive infrastructure improvements in their province. Don't worry Saskatchewan will be in the same boat Alberta is in coming the next couple of years. Using Rider nation is a bad example.
Raising Tobacco and Liqueur taxes has been a common practice for every government and is a bad policy to fight over, Klein did it all the time.
I'm not happy with Premier Mom, but at least she doesn't have the oil companies pulling her strings like Smith has. I'm willing to give her a chance, a least Redford has some experience in government, were Smith has none and the only experience Smith ever had she was given the boot. You support Harper for basically having the same policies and that is OK, but when Redford does it, its a major crime.

Stelmack was a idiot, who made the mistake of putting his country bumkins in charge, who didn't have a clue what they were doing. If you look at it, it is all of Stelmack's buddies that are bailing or his enemies. If the Wild Rose party welcomes these people in they would be getting the cancer that infected the Stelmack government. Think about it, how long would it be before they would be stabbing Smith in the back.

Ardvark said...

You got the part about Stelmach correct Archie, but you are forgetting that 1 of the people he put in charge was Alison Redford. She happily sat at the cabinet table through it all, the MLA pay raise, the royalty fiasco, the land rights mess, unprecedented spending, and on and on.

What you have wrong is saying that the PC's have basically the same policies as Harper. The PM has had his majority for less than 1 yr while the PC's have had unlimited power for 40 and could pass ANYTHING they wanted in that time. But look at what we have:In less than 1 yr the PM has ended party financing, got rid of the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly, and very soon the gun registry will be dead. After 40: we have a healthcare system in a mess and needing an inquiry to investigate political (read PC) influence and intimidation,laws like Bill 26 which may or may not be in effect yet, illegal donation scandals, arrogance that rivals the Liberals of the Chretien days, and sustainability fund that went from 17 billion to less than 4 billion in less than 3 yrs because the PCs refuse to make a single cut to anything to save tax dollars.

Sorry, but Redford and the PCs don't deserve another chance. We have already seen that they are not up to the job.

Archie said...

What is the Wild Rose party other then a bunch of people from Calgary that are mad because they no long have control of the purse stings of the province. It's not a party of the people, they are controlled by the oil companies. It's sad when some bloggers are more mad about the possible raise in taxes on tobacco and booze then healthcare and education. At least the government is not trying to buy votes with TV's and cash. Yes Stelmack left this province in a shambles, but give Redford a chance. The Health care system is in more of a shambles because Alberta doesn't get it's fair share in federal transfers. When other provinces get more money per person for health care using Alberta money that is the crime. Stelmack gave too much control to certain idiots causing these scandals, but some of these idiots are now jumping ship and might be joining the Wild Rose party because Redford will not kiss their butts. Smith is the one that should be worried, because if some of them don't get their way, they'll stab her in the back like they did to Stelmack. The one thing I'm worried about is the Wild Rose Party might split the vote and give some control to the loons in the NDP and Liberal parties. The Wild Rose Party and the PC should come together and work things out and rebuild this once get province, because fighting each other is doing more harm then good

Ardvark said...

Archie I will say this, you got the PC talking points down but you left out that the WRP are angry. Remember to stick to the script.

The WRP are controlled by the oil companies? Nice allegation and I know you have nothing to back it up so I won't bother asking you to provide ANY proof what so ever to back that up.

Ah the buying votes for TV's line. Yes it was a stupid move by a SINGLE candidate as it was when Carl Benito did almost the same thing years ago, but look again at what was really offered and for what. It is a far cry from 'buying votes' still stupid but not even close to what the PCs have been trying to spin while at the same time ignoring at least 50 examples of the PC's and illegal donations, including money from the Calgary zoo, universities, and even towns.

On the health transfers, you are correct about Alberta not getting what we should be getting for health transfers,butyou forgot the new formula which is giving Alberta another billion dollars this year. It is in the budgetand Redford should be thanking her lucky stars because without that money the deficit would be 1 billion higher!

As for vote splitting: Maybe you can hold your nose and vote for the PCs while ignoring their arrogance and shabby record because you don't want another party elected but I can't twist my principles that much to do so. No political party is worth it and when there is another option, a real conservative option to vote for, it makes even less sense to vote for the party that got us into this mess so not to 'split the vote'.