Thursday, February 02, 2012

Aren't you sick of the Alberta PCs yet?

Redford's PCs spent $70,000 of taxpayer money on a caucus retreat to Jasper Park Lodge.  A $100,000 province-wide tour campaign.  Fifty illegal donations to the PCAA. 

The election is supposedly coming.  When is that again?  Oh, right. We don't know.

40 years is enough.


Old and Confused said...

and the other parties are different how?

Archie said...

This OK for the Federal Tories to do it, but it is a crime for the provincial Tories. It's become pretty sad what some bloggers have become, they almost remind me of that famous liberal blogger JC

Anonymous said...

The other parties don't have access to your tax dollars to fund cross province campaign tours for the sum of $100,000.

Archie: The federal tories are staying in Jasper too?

wilson said...

''...and the other parties are different how?...''

For the same reason NO party should rule for 4 decades, a change out is necessary to decouple the elected representatives from the 'preferred' business partners.

So the Wildrose is different, commom sense spending, no favours owed to long time corporate buddies.

In 40 years, we can talk about changing out the Wildrose for the LibDem coalition party.

Blame Crash said...

Why it seems like only yesterday we were in the midst of a federal election and many a Blogging Tories sites were being inundated with many of those Left-Lib Crackpot Coalitionists vapid and imbecilic comments, just like the first two here.
Yup, those were the good old days! Could this be a positive omen that history is about to repeat itself?

Archie said...

Calling me a left Lib crack pot, good one, my friends will have a good belly laugh at that one. As to being under control of the corporate buddies, didn't some PC's leave and join the Wildrose party because Stelmack was going to charge the oil companies more in royalties. Who is controlling who, I would say it's the corporate giants in Calgary that have the control of the strings on the Wildrose party. As to the federal tories right now they would rather pump the money into Ontario and Quebec instead of the west. These tours and meetings have been going on for years and both the federals and provincial have been doing it. To blast one group and not the others sounds a bit hypocritical.

Blame Crash said...

So you insinuate that you’re not a Left-Lib crackpot and yet we don’t hear a word from you regarding the take of the PC Party by the Government bureaucrats and Unions and the hard left turn that they’ll undoubtedly be taking if they are re-elected.

What we do hear is you deflecting and defending the new Left-Lib Crackpot Coalitionists and trash talking the Wildrose Party, the federal Conservatives, Blogging Tories bloggers and the “super scary big bad oil companies”.

Yup, you certainly sound like one of those “fair share” PC’s, or do you have some skin in the game?