Friday, January 20, 2012

NDP philosophical contradition

1. Jobs

  • NDP support labour unions, and jobs with high wages, benefits and pensions.
  • KeystoneXL pipeline would provide those jobs not just to build the pipeline but many more.
  • NDP oppose the TransCanada KeystoneXL pipeline due to preventing expansion of the oil sands.

2. Health Care
  • NDP want to expand social programs and have more money for health care.
  • Oil and gas revenues provide billions to the government coffers to pay for social programs and health care.
  • NDP oppose building the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and expanding our markets to Asia due to environmental reasons.

Yep, makes a lot of sense to me!

1 comment:

hunter said...

Alberta keeps it's money in Alberta and Ontario and Quebec get NO equalization payments this year. It's what both provinces want after all, no federal government interference in provincial matters. I bet Alberta could find a use for the 10 BILLION a year they send east.