Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coming soon to Alberta: Drinking age to 19 and ski helmets

Members of the Alberta PC caucus have continually tried to discuss raising the drinking age to 19 or 21 within caucus.  It's been shut down in the past.

But with Premier Mom at the helm, and her copy-cat policies, my gut tells me that when she wins the next election, and she will folks, that they will introduce two measures in 2012.

1.  Raise the drinking age to 19 to come in-line with our two neighbouring provinces.
2.  Make ski/snowboard helmets mandatory.

Both of which I'm vehemently against, as I believe it will make things worse.

Raising the drinking age will push fresh out of high school and freshman university students to take their booze underground.  They'll still easily obtain it.  The problem with booze hasn't been this neophyte age group, which statistics show, alcohol vehicular accidents are in the late 20's--likely because they have money and a new car.  We already have stringent laws for new drivers. 

I realize the link above shows that the Premier and the Sol Gen have just announced that they have no plans to raise the drinking age.  But as we know in Alberta, that could change.  And we also had no idea that Redford, once elected to the PC leadership and becoming premier, that she would plan to introduce .05 b.a.c. property seizure legislation either.  I simply don't trust her and I think her short record thus far shows that she shouldn't be trusted.

Onto ski helmets...

I ski several times a year and have been skiing in the Alberta, BC and Montana mountains for over 30 years.  I have never once wore a helmet. Sure I've wiped out a bunch of times, but no damage.  I especially love Spring skiing and taking the toque off to enjoy the warmth of the sun.  My many friends who wear a helmet, mostly snowboarders I might add, swear by it.  Good for them.  I've never wore one, have never even come close to hitting a tree.  Running into someone, yes?  Snowboarders who turn quickly into their blind side.  But it's never happened.  Maybe it's because I'm responsible and careful.  If I began doing extreme stuff, I would definitely wear one.  But I'm not, so I don't see the point.  It's a choice.

Now notice that?  Are skiers and snowboarders willing to take MORE risks BECAUSE they think they are protected by their helmet?  Look at how some people drive 4x4s in the winter.  I never saw so many 4x4s in the highway ditch than last summer.  We should make 4x4 drivers wear helmets. 

This is a ridiculous law because people also die from walking and falling on ice.  Should we then mandate that if you go outside in the winter, you're required to wear snowshoes or spikes?   And do we even have laws for ATV and snowmobile drivers to wear helmets, yet?

Where does all this end?

I'll say it again and again and again. 

You can't fix stupid.

That is, unless you decide to vote this non-conservative PC government out come Spring.

40 years is enough.

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Anonymous said...

if this woman is party leader i would not be able to vote conservative. she is a liberal socialist so why not just vote for someone who is at least truthful and says they are a liberal.