Friday, January 06, 2012

2nd elected senator appointed

For the first time in Canadian history, the Senate now has two, count 'em TWO Senators who've been elected by voters in a province.  That province is Alberta, of course.  And that Senator is Betty Unger, who once ran for MP in Edmonton-West for the Canadian Alliance but lost to "Landslide" Anne McLellan.  Then when the Conservative Party was formed, she ran as a candidate-nominee in the new riding of Edmonton-Spruce Grove against Rona Ambrose and a host of other folks but didn't make it past the third ballot (I was there).  Then she put her hat in for the Senate race years ago and won, waiting for an opening in the red chamber for Alberta.

Prime Minister Harper has also appointed six other folks to the upper chamber.

Manitoba - JoAnne Buth
Newfoundland and Labrador - Norman Doyle
Quebec - Ghislain Maltais, Jean-Guy Dagenais (pending)
Ontario - Asha Seth

You all know my view on the Senate.  Instead of regional equality, we need provincial equality. Six senators per province, two per territory, for six year terms, half elected every three years.  Provinces divided into six senatorial districts, not necessarily based on population.  I'm open to other ideas, including but not limited to provincial legislatures selecting senators to be recommended by the Prime Minister for appointment, longer terms, and fewer senators.  I'm not in favour of abolishing it or implementing proportional representation.  Those proposals are even further away from happening than regular elections or provincial equality.


PhantomObserver said...

Not sure, but I think she's the third elected senator appointed. I'm sure Stan Waters was elected too, wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

You are correct PO, unfortunately he died right after he was elected to the senate.