Monday, February 28, 2011

NDP Layton wants a referendum to abolish Senate

NDP leader wants a national referendum on abolishing the Senate.

But most Canadians want to keep it and reform it.

~30% want it abolished
~20% want to keep it the way it is
~50% want to keep but reformed

Good luck Jack!  Especially since to abolish it, you need to open the constitution anyway.  And since we're doing that, we might as well reform it.


gimbol said...

Jack might be using this issue not so much to advocate for senate reform but instead to show where his party differs from the governing conservatives, and how the liberals have no policy.

Unknown said...

Jacks position is a little harsh. If we can't reform the Senate that would be the next step. Reform or else.

WTF said...

A referendum would not do anything except stir things up. Quebec would veto any senate reform that requires a constitutional amendment.which is what abolishment would require. Jack is just blowing smoke out his ass again.
I'd like to see a referendum to kick Quebec out. That would be fun!