Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Alberta leadership update...

For those of you keeping score...


Alberta Party
  • A tale of two Taylors?  Current 3rd term Hinton mayor, Glenn Taylor is being courted. I know folks who are flocking to the Alberta Party all because of Glenn Taylor and the respect he has along the Yellowhead communities.
  • Former Liberal leadership candidate and newly floor crossed MLA Dave Taylor is also being considered her. 
  • Too bad current interim leader Sue Huff isn't going to throw her hat in.

  • Ted Morton, who was quick out of the gate to say he's running.  It's so old news now.  What isn't old is that he thinks he can unite the right by courting back Wildrose Alliance supporters into the "mothership" as he calls it.  Call me crazy, but Ted is more to the right on social issues than Wildrose leader Danielle Smith, a professed libertarian.   

Other names thrown around are:

Now, onto Jim Dinning... elusive this one.  Although the current chancellor of the University of Calgary, you know he sees an opportunity here. "Never say never" he says.  Will it be a Dinning - Morton rematch?  Who will be the spoiler this time?

And another name I'm hearing ... again ... one E. Preston Manning.  Still seen as the elder statesman who never was in government, will he be the great unifier?

For now, both the left and right continue to be divided because of the leadership vacuums.   The Liberals are in shambles.  The Alberta Party is peaking interest because it's the new thing.  The NDP will continue to remain small.  The PCs are seen as fractured but they do have over 70 seats ya know.  The Wildrose Alliance, to me, is the real question mark here.  Will they be able to build strong riding associations and continue to attract good candidates.

If the next legislative session sees five party caucuses in the assembly with a PC minority, then you can be rest assured that Alberta politics will certainly be a heck of lot more interesting--especially for the media.

And maybe that's okay.  Maybe that's what Albertans actually want now rather than the dull history of party monopolies switching every generation.

Wouldn't bother me. It's already appearing to be quite exciting.

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