Thursday, February 24, 2011

Evacuation vacuum

I don't get it.  I don't get what goes on in some people's heads.  How they cannot think to be on the safe side is beyond me.

During the uprisings all over North Africa, from Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt, and the Middle East in Bahrain and Yemen, how then can our fellow Canadians in Libya not want to get the heck out of there knowing that it's likely next to fall.  Why would you stay?  To help with the uprising?  For journalists and aid workers, sure, but for business or pleasure?  Visiting relatives?  Maybe there's something I don't know.  Come on!

And now, they're a bit screwed... for a while anyway.  The flight out of Rome to Tripoli was grounded due to the insurance being pulled out.  Now the government is considering military flights and ships.

Despite my disconcerting feelings here, Godspeed to them and a speedy and safe return to their native homeland should they so desire.


Anonymous said...

Much better to wait until safe passage is next to impossible and then demand the government come to your rescue. Then the likes of Iggy and Layton can blame Stephen Harper for waiting too long and imperiling Canadians abroad.

Frances said...

Am I the only one getting tired of having my taxes pay for these evacuations, especially when the evacuees are non-resident Canadian citizens who pay no taxes? At least the government is beginning to charge a nominal fee for getting these people out. Being compassionate is fine, but I'd rather be spending the money helping Canadians at home.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that a good number of Canadians that are in places like this aren't there for pleasure or are "Canadians of Convenience" but are there working for Canadian or multinational corporations. The companies are struggling hard to get people out but the logistics make it extremely difficult.

Frances said...

Anon - I am aware of this and sympathize with those Canadians caught under those circumstances. However, their employers should have had proper evacuation plans in place; it is not as if the Middle East doesn't erupt rather suddenly at odd moments. Especially those in Libya, given Tunesia and Egypt were already in turmoil and there were indications the upset was spreading.

Further, said Canadians are probably claiming overseas tax credits while they are away, which means they get a real deal on Canadian taxes. I pay full strength, with no nice deductions, for the work I do. So they should be expected to pay some of those nice credits back if government resources are used to evacuate them.