Monday, April 26, 2010

Iggy and the West

And if you still don't think Iggy and the Grits have already started the culture war... here's what the Count had to say in Saskatchewan recently (link dead for some reason) about an NDP private member's bill C-232 requiring all Supreme Court justices to be fully bilingual. This bill will hopefully die in the Senate, especially when 7 of 9 current justices are NOT bilingual and the top judge is from Alberta.

"First of all, there's a French fact in Saskatchewan, which is important. It's not the case that French isn't a part of the cultural heritage of the West, just look at the place names. The West wants in . . . to these great national institutions, but we are a bilingual country. And this is not a minor matter because a quarter of the cases come from Quebec. This isn't me creating a new obstacle that the West has to overcome. This is our country and I want the West to participate and I want our law schools to be sending out the message: "You want to get on the Supreme Court? You might want to study a little French."

"Look at the place names"?  What the hell does that mean?

He wants the West to participate! Well goody! Our Prime Minister is from Calgary. And did I mention that the top judge on the Supreme Court is from Alberta? Oh yes, I did.  The West is in dumbass. 

"..a new obstacle that the West has to overcome"?  We've overcome quite a bit out here in the West over the years there Iggy, especially the continued transfer of wealth from Alberta to Quebec.

" a little French"?  Well I know a little French, Iggy, and a little Ukrainian too, so read this..

Ігнатьєв, повернутися до Гарварду!

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