Thursday, April 08, 2010

Alberta's new Lt. Governor

I just found out that Prime Minister Harper will be meeting with Alberta's new Lt. Governor in Ottawa in 15 minutes (12:30pm MDT).

Who is it?

Col. Donald Ethell will be named as the new lieutenant-governor for Alberta in an announcement Thursday, according to reports.

Ethell, 72, is a Vancouver native who calls Calgary home. He is considered to be Canada's most experienced and decorated peacekeeper.

He's a veteran of 14 peacekeeping missions, including Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel and the Balkans, and led Canadian peacekeeping operations from 1987 until 1990.
Can't say anyone is going to complain about this inspired choice and I think I can say that I'm proud to have this man in the honour post.  I thought Normy Kwong also did an excellent job.

My personal favourite has always been Lois Hole.  I remember her years ago at the U of A Model Parliament acting as the Governor General giving the speech from the throne. She was such a warm, personable human being. I'll never forget her telling all of us mock MPs how inspired she was by the fact we took such a vested interest in politics, but more especially her saying "I love and adore you all!"

Anyway, now the speculation is mounting on who Prime Minister Harper is going to pick as the next Governor General of Canada this year.  Personally, I hope that Michaelle Jean stays on.  I think she's been an excellent ambassador for Canada and with her eating that seal heart with Inuit women, I thought was pretty cool. I didn't so much like it when she twice referred herself as 'the head of state' when that title is only for the Queen.  But when she greeted President Obama on his official visit, the visuals were outstanding.  All that said, my feeling is that Harper will want to make his own decision and pick someone new. 
Earlier this year, a source told Canwest News Service columnist Don Martin the change at Rideau Hall would happen sooner rather than later – so that Canada’s 28th viceroy could be sworn in by the Queen herself during her upcoming nine-day tour of Canada, which starts June 28.

Rumours are Rick Hansen, Mary Simon, Preston Manning, and of course, William Shatner.  Beam me up!


Patrick Ross said...

I have yet to hear this Preston Manning rumour from what I would consider to be a credible source.

After years of left-wing slander, Manning's reputaiton is due for rehabilitation, but the time isn't right just yet.

Anonymous said...

Lewis MacKenzie - another great soldier and peacemaker.

Anonymous said...

Stomping Tom all the way.

Patrick Ross said...

Joe Clark, perhaps?

Mike B. said...

Joe who?