Monday, April 26, 2010

Begun, the Culture War, has

Where it all began... Kory Tenycke, former Conservative communications director vs. Ekos president Frank Graves himself...

I think you can easily say that Kory won that one.

Now, Ezra Levant, publisher, Western Standard vs. Paul Wells, journalist from Macleans and some Liberal weenie...

I'd say that Ezra won that one--especially when that Liberal weenie has to go back 13 years into the Reform Party days when Harper had already left the party. Good one weenie boy. And note how much both weenie boy and Paul Wells stumble and don't even look into the camera.


byng said...

that Mr Wells and "weenie boy" do not get it, is indicative of their uber liberalism in all things they do - that the ceeb should continue in this biased, nudge nudge, wink wink charade, is criminal misuse of public funds. Defund this monstrosity now

Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the Facebook group Canadians United Against Stephen Harper
this group promotes hatred against our elected Prime Minister of Canada the Rt. H. Stephen Harper
I feel this is treason
this face book group asks for donations to the Liberal party and the NDP party
Coalition is still alive and well


The_Iceman said...

Well the media turned the kid of started CAPP into a pseudo celebrity, so you had to know more of these groups would be started by fame seekers trying to get their 15 minutes on the CBC.

Fay said...

That was disgusting. The disdain shown towards Ezra from Paul Wells and Capstick says it all. If you are from Alberta you don't count.
They are very happy to throw the west and rural canada over board if it gets the Liberals back in power.