Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bloc Heads

And right out of the gate is Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe saying the bill to add seats to Ontario, BC, and Alberta is against Quebec. Give me a break already.

The Bloc immediately pounced on the bill and said it was an attempt to kneecap their province's political clout.

"After recognizing the Quebec nation, the government is now invoking representation by population in order to reduce the political weight of Quebec," said Bloc MP Claude Debellefeuille in the House on Thursday.

Quebec currently has 24 per cent of the total seats in the House. Under the new guidelines, that representation would drop to 22 per cent.

Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe is currently preparing a cross-country tour in which he will build a case for Quebec's sovereignty. It's expected he could use the new House numbers to bolster his argument that Quebec is under attack.

However, CTV's Chief Political Correspondent Craig Oliver said the new seats simply reflect demographic shifts.

"Overall I think it's a pretty fair re-distribution," he said Thursday.

Politically speaking, Oliver said it's clear why Quebec would be upset, but he noted the province's population hasn't increased, while other parts of the country have experienced strong growth.
I know, I had to read it again several times myself:  "the government is now invoking representation by population in order to reduce the political weight of Quebec."

Oh my stars! Proper representation by population? In Canada? Oh no, we can't have other parts of the country experience economic and population growth having more political weight than mighty Quebec can we?

Now do people see why a lot of Canadians are just getting sick and tired of these yahoo separatists? And many could give two shits if they left the country.  This is why we also must scrap the $1.75/vote taxpayer funding for political parties (which is going to come back from what I hear).

See what I meant in my previous post that adding these new seats will dramatically change the country?

Looks like it already has.


Grumpy Old Man said...

I don't see anything drastically changed. In fact, nothing at all has changed. ROC wants to do something, the Bloc screams bloody murder. Same old response...

Anonymous said...

Duceppe's speeches should be unattended. We don't care anymore if they separate. We keep the St Lawrence {middle} and south.

Patrick Ross said...

It won't be long now. The Bloc Quebecois is on the troad to being as politically marginal as Welsh separatists are in the UK.

It's all over now but le crying.

Mike B. said...

To Grumpy: But I think now the idea that a majority of Canadians are really just sick of the separatists is pretty common (and Quebec as a whole does get lumped in with them).

So let me ask this... is Quebec getting so much money from the ROC to make them unknowingly dependent and now they just look like whiny beggars? It's gotta be embarrassing enough. With the threat of separatism waned, adding seats and reforming the senate couldn't happen at a better time.