Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liberal hypocrisy at its finest

So after weeks and weeks of whining about Harper having parliament prorogued, the Liberals and NDP staging so-called non-partisan anti-prorogation rallies, and having his members "get back to work" during February, 29 Liberal MPs don't show up to vote on the budget, and this week Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff will be absent from the House of Commons as he embarks on a town hall tourRead more from Alberta Ardvark here.

These guys are unbelievable sometimes all the time.  Think Canadians have caught on?


The_Iceman said...

I think that it would be hilarious if the Tories suddenly put the whole team together and started voting on important legislation while the Liberals are on vacation. How are they going to complain? Parliament is the sovereign!

"I wake up before I get to sleep;
I've been rocking this party 8 days a week!"

-Beastie Boys

MrEd said...

but that's okay for Liberals... we were paying them during the down time to do nothing... so now we're paying them to do more of the same for the same while on the clock