Monday, March 22, 2010

Cirque Du Ceppe Ratist

Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe (or Du Ceppe Ratist as I like to call him now), made some remarks comparing the French resistence movement to Quebec sovereignists.

"For the moment, we are resisters. But yesterday's resisters will be tomorrow's winners. Long live a sovereign Quebec!" he told supporters, who were gathered for a weekend meeting marking the party's 20 years of existence.
Don't you just love that Canadian taxpayers are footing the bill for the salaries, pensions, and now CAMPAIGNS for the members in this joke of a party?

Even the great Lucien Bouchard admitted that the Parti Quebecois separatists have become too radical. This should probably apply to the party he founded as well, don't you think, after Duceppe makes statements like this?

Oh, in other news... anyone seen Iggy?  After whining about Prime Minister Harper proroguing parliament, when that same parliament resumed, the Liberals decide to prorogue themselves, and it wasn't long after 37% of Liberal MPs didn't show up to vote on the budget, and Michael Ignatieff trotted off to do a cross-country tax and spend tour.

Again, aren't taxpayers paying for the leader of the opposition to be in the House of Commons, and you know, opposing?

If not, then we'll assume that he agrees with the direction of this Conservative government.

UPDATE:  Wow. In reading the comments about the article on the Duceppe slip at and, I'd guess that over 98% of them don't support the Bloc, with many thinking it shouldn't even be a federal party.  And most folks simply want Quebec separatists to leave because it seems everyone is just sick and tired of Quebec continually taking the majority of the provincial transfers, even allowing them to sit in the House of Commons, having former members collect pensions, allow funding for their campaigns, and yet the separatists still complain.  It feels like there's quite the silent majority out there.  Even for readers, I was surprised at the disdain for Quebec separatists.

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