Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And MORE Liberal wankery...

So the Liberals, with 37% of their caucus not showing up to vote on the budget, and their leader not showing up this week to embark on a town hall tour, now want to get rid of the "ten-percenters", those mail-outs we get from MPs from time-to-time because they think they are junk mail and would save millions.

Two multi-part questions arise:

  1. So when this doesn't pass and Liberal MPs continue to send these mail-outs, is it just "junk mail" now and can we then describe anything the Liberals say on issues as "junk" as well?
  2. Liberals don't want elected Members of Parliament to be able to send out mail to citizens paid by the taxpayer so we can "save millions".  So is it acceptable that the party continues to receive taxpayer money per vote?  Wouldn't removing that funding also save millions?
Hey, I'm all for removing these "ten-percenters", but also believe that MPs should be able to mail letters to constituents for free.  If the Liberals want to get rid of these ten-percenters then they should also show some credibility (!) by removing the taxpayer vote subsidy.

But you know why they won't?  Now that corporations and unions cannot donate, the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois parties don't have nearly as strong of a grassroots membership base as the Conservatives and NDP do to generate enough revenue for themselves.

No wonder the Liberals elected Michael Ignatieff as their leader.  He's the king of "have it both ways".  Oh but wait!  He wasn't really elected was he? 

Yep, those Liberals, always defending democracy on your behalf.


Christian Conservative said...

Here's the big question... how will Ruby vote on this? From my blog last May...

"Ruby spends QP picking 10%ers?

It's funny the perspective on things you get when sitting in Question Period. For example... I'm willing to bet that the cameras didn't pick up on Ruby Dhalla flipping through samples of the new Liberal 10%ers, (which look surprising identical to the Tory ones they've been complaining about for years) deciding on which one she's going to send out in her name to some Conservative held riding. If anyone get the one she finally decided on, let me know and send me a pic while you're at it."

Christian Conservative said...

Tories should move an amendment... REMOVING THE POLITICAL SUBSIDIES.


Christian Conservative said...

Thanks for the idea... WE SHOULD JUST AMEND THE MOTION!

gimbol said...

The idea has merit.

Can someone start a petition to end the voter shakedown?