Monday, March 08, 2010

Day to cut 245 patronage posts

Newly appointed Treasury Board President, Stockwell Day, is going to cut 245 patronage positions, many of which are currently vacant.

Now here's the typical NDP-socialist spin for always wanting a bigger government for no other reason than to have a bigger government that we can't afford:

New Democrat MP Pat Martin, the party's Treasury Board critic, said he expects the cuts to be the first of many in what he predicted would be a "clumsy, mean-spirited" campaign against the public service as the government tries to put Canada on the path back to a balanced budget.

"The public service is an easy target. You have to be seen doing something, so you go after the public service," said Martin, speaking to reporters following the end of Day's news conference. 
Well Pat, why not show us what value and services these positions actually provide the Canadian people?  

My guess is that they don't.

Mr. Day, axe away!


The_Iceman said...

The CBC almost shouldn't be allowed to report on this because they have a conflict of interest. They are 75% tax funded and 90% unionized.

Anonymous said...

Pat Martin makes the government's point for them. The public service is an easy target simply because that is where the most obvious waste is. A basic tenent of time management, clean out the low hanging fruit first then go on to the tougher tasks.

Anonymous said...

How odd that this "NDP-socialist spin" comes from a party that has never benefitted from patronage appointments.

Something to look into, I suppose, but not by the CBC. After all, it's "75% tax funded and 90% unionized". It matters not that none of these employes were political appointments.

But we should get rid at President Hubert Lacroix, who was appointed by Stephen Harper.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is like using your kids beach shovel to move ten tons of sand for a construction project. I'd love to have a hatchet and attack the civil service, it would be swinging like crazy. (real conservative)