Friday, April 07, 2006

Ob Ma Di Ed Mo Ha ...

This poll shows:

28% Ma[nning]
16% Di[nning]
9% Ob[erg]
3% Mo[rton]
3% Ha[ncock]
?% Ed [Stelmach]

As I mentioned in a previous post and to friends and family that as soon as Preston Manning hinted that he might run a week ago, he automatically gained a support base. This poll certainly shows that.

I've read in some blogs and postings of people who support Ted Morton that they've worked a lot for him in the past year and for Manning to come in out of no where isn't right or fair.

Well, them's the breaks. Politics is all about timing and momentum and Preston's timing couldn't have been better and the momentum is now on his side.

And really, officially, the leadership race doesn't officially start until September, as determined by Ralph Klein this week, so there's still a lot of time for others to put their hat in. To say, "Morton was here first" is a weak argument.

Amazing though. Mo and Di have been at this for some time now, while Ma says one sentence and kaboom!

But with Ma already way out in front, Di has a lot of work to gain support from other camps, but the fly on the wall says there was an ABD "Anybody But Dinning" movement anyway. Before Ma entered, Di was at 21% but now he lost 5% to Ma. So one quarter of Di's support was weak anyway.

Ob Ma Di Ed Mo Ha, life goes on.

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