Monday, April 17, 2006

Haught vs. Naught No. 2

Sorry, quite busy last week... this week's Haught vs. Naught goes out to those crazy Alberta Tories at Renewing the One Party State for their "plug" on my "homoerotic" blog. Here we go...

Hatrock's Haught [or] Naught
- Passion Week 2006 -
Yes folks, this week it's not "vs.", it's "or". First we start with Christianity...
Jesus: Haught or Naught? A recent poll came out, asking Canadians and Americans whether they believe the "truths" in Dan Brown's book, "The Da Vinci Code", that Jesus lived the crux, married Mary M., had kids, and moved to France, etc. 17% of Canadians and 13% of Americans believe it. What does this mean? It means a lot more people still believe Elvis is alive. Gives a new meaning to "A hunk o' hunk o' burnin' love", don't it?
Judas: Haught or Naught? With the release of his gospel, critics slam it as a fake. Did Jesus ask Judas Iscariot to turn him in or was he a traitor? Stay tuned for the sequel to "The Da Vinci Code", titled, "The Leonardo Dicaprio Code" starring Mel Gibson. The Opus Dei has been taken over by 80's band Opus preaching "Life is Live!" It sure is. It sure is. Just ask Jesus!
There, got that out of my systen. Now on to Canadian politics... and [vs.] returns...
Haught: Once again, Prime Minister Harper for visiting the military grad class out at Wainwright, Alberta and pumping them up.
Haught: LibLead contender Gerard Kennedy. Well, according to TheCalgaryGrit he's got all the checkmarks. But cute? And is he cuter than Harper?
Naughty: Rick Mercer. Click here to view his latest videos. One minute he's in bed with Belinda, the next, pouring syrup with Environment Minister Rona Ambrose. This guy is starting to remind me more and more of Kenny Hotz.
Naught: Preston Manning. Haught last week, everyone is still waiting in anticipation of the results of the Draft Manning campaign. Oh God, the suspense is killing me! Will he enter the race to replace Ralph or not? Because I can't wait any longer, I've decided to throw my support around Anne McLellan.
Naught: Michael Igggnatiefff. No reason. Just wondering if he's actually Canadian.
Naught: Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. I had to definitely get that one in there. Not only did they not elect any Conservative MPs, their hockey teams didn't make the NHL playoffs (with the exception of Montreal). Notice the Conservative bastion cities that did: Calgary, Ottawa, and Edmonton. As many know, Stephen Harper is writing a book on the history of hockey in Canada. Is this conspiracy or a backlash against LibLead hopeful Ken Dryden? Stay tuned...
Well, that's it for now.


Anonymous said...

Just remember Dan Brown's Book is fiction -

Anonymous said...

As anonymous said, Dan Brown's book is fiction but so, arguably, is everything and everyone else in politics and religion.

I have the Gospel of Judas as full pdf, BTW, so I'll e-mail it to you - it lends credibility to Gnostic Christianity and Judas but was written way too long after the fact and by God only knows who, to be anything but more myth to add to what is already a heavily-insulated blankie - but it's interesting.

So of your list, I vote for Rick Mercer....he's haught AND naughty.

PS - did you ever get around to reading The Da Vinci code by the way?