Thursday, January 26, 2006

McKenna steps down as Canadian Ambassador - Who's next?

Liberal leadership hopeful and now former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., Frank McKenna, stepped down from his post yesterday stating that it's tradition for there to be closer ties between the Prime Minister and the Ambassador, obviously something which Frank does not have with Stephen.

But we know the real reason. It's obvious McKenna will be seeking the Liberal Leadership, currently touted as the front-runner. John Manley announced today he will not seek the leadership. Hmmm, you think it's because it's obvious Manley has no chance against McKenna?

Anyway, nevermind about that for now. Who will be the next Canadian Ambassador?

Knowing how unpredictable Harper is, he'll probably choose someone we don't really know that well, but I would suggest he appoint Preston Manning.

However, I would also then suggest that Stockwell Day not become Foreign Affairs Minister.

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