Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hello? Media?

Don't you just love all the attention that the Liberal leadership race has attracted and how the media is paying little attention to Stephen Harper, who will be sworn in as Canada's Prime Minister on Monday?

I think it's great because the Liberals are beginning to lack a credible potential leader (except perhaps Stephane Dion).

I think it sucks because I wonder how many Canadians actually know who Stephen Harper is and whether they know he's the new guy in town and how well he has already handled the transition to gov't that has already made Paul Martin's stint as PM a spec of dust.

Hehe ... Stephen vs. Stephane.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Most people truly do not give a shit about politics.

Don't be jelous - your prized leader will get the media attention - the question is - is he trying to get the media attention right now? If it is all about media attention then a scandle is what he needs - that will definately get him into media attention. Not striving for the media attention will highlite the corruption of the Liberals. As a Harper supporter I would think you would not want media attention on him - let the Liberals have it. It will make Liberals less effective in Parliament and will allow his minority government to have an easy start.