Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Get out the back, Jack..."

"...hop off the bus Gus, don't need to discuss much..."

After reading this, I applaud Jack for coming out. It's a smart move for attention, being there's no Liberal opposition right now (except perhaps some from Bling Bling Belinda), but if Jack thinks he's going to block the popular GST reduction that helps even the poorest, he's dreaming.

But didn't he say just the other day that he can work with Harper and last week he was unsure?

If Jack thinks he's got the same clout with Harper as he did with Martin, he's dreaming.

Remember how much attention Jack received when the Liberal gov't fell in November '05? With less than 20 seats, it appeared the NDP were the ones to sink the ship. Harper let Jack take the spotlight, so the blame wouldn't be put all on the Conservative opposition.

With the Liberals in limbo, they have no intention of bringing the gov't down. I shouldn't even have to mention this anymore. No one should. Luckily the Conservative priorities are palatable.

But it's a good move though Jack, taking the spotlight again on this one. Because if you don't vote for the budget with the GST reduction, guess who the blame will be put on?

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Anonymous said...

" No one should. Luckily the Conservative priorities are palatable."

For some - about as much as a steaming pile of ...

I like the site Mike - looks good and is very entertaining.