Thursday, January 26, 2006

Harper's Cabinet!

Exclusive leak? I copied Stephen Taylor's predictions and put my comments in brackets...

Cabinet predictions
Prime Minister - Stephen Harper (duh)
Deputy PM - Lawrence Cannon (I'm about 50/50 on this one)
Justice and Emergency Preparedness - Peter MacKay (absolutely)
Foreign Affairs - Monte Solberg (many have said Stockwell Day, but Monte would be better)
Defence - Gordon O'Connor (or Laurie Hawn)
Transport - James Moore (no)
Finance - Jim Flaherty (definitely - was Ontario's Finance Minister under Harris)
Revenue - Garth Turner (sure, why not)
Intergovernmental Affairs - Rona Ambrose (definitely)
Environment - Bob Mills (likely)
Indian Affairs - Jim Prentice (yep, there's no one better)
International Trade - Maxime Bernier* (who?)
Fisheries - Loyola Hearn* (again, who else?)
Leader of the Government (HoC) - Jay Hill (definitely - he's good)
Health - Tony Clement (I dunno about this one, I like Tony, but I'd prefer Steven Fletcher)
Heritage - Bev Oda* (I was thinking Rahim Jaffer)
Veterans Affairs - Laurie Hawn (good choice, but
Leader of the Government (Senate) - Hugh Segal (no kidding)
Agriculture - Gerry Ritz (I'm sure there's other rural MPs)
President of the Treasury Board - Jason Kenney (probably)
*Minister of the Econ. Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec and Minister responsible for the Francophonie - Josee Verner (she's cute, why not)
ACOA - Gerald Keddy (sure)
Human Resources - John Baird (don't know him)
Attorney General - Vic Toews (already acting like one)
Industry - Rob Nicholson (could go to Jason Kenney)
Democratic Reform - Scott Reid (Oh hell no. Scott doesn't understand representative democracy -- remember the last Convention? Me like Diane Ablonczy)
Sport - Gary Goodyear (sounds good!)
Internal Trade - Christian Paradis (who?)
North American relations - Stockwell Day (there's such a portfolio?)
Immigration - Diane Ablonczy (Rahim would be better)
Speaker - Chuck Strahl (Nope. This is elected by the house, so I think it'll go to Peter Milliken the Liberal again, especially in a shaky minority.)

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