Monday, October 26, 2015

Conservative Leadership Race (CLR): Wall and Baird out, Rempel makes waves

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Brad Wall said election night he's not interested in running and doesn't speak a lot of French. 

John Baird had both feet in the water, but has abruptly pulled them out:

Which is really too bad.  He was one of the most effective ministers in the entire government of the past nine years.  Jason Kenney must be happy about it to have less competition.

Michelle Rempel, if you haven't already read, made some late-night tweets about the honest perceptions of her as a leadership candidate.  I need not repost them here, because if you're reading this blog, you've probably already read what she tweeted.  What many didn't see happened a couple days later, when she released a statement regarding those tweets and the kind of political discussion waves that can be made through social media.  It was rather bold.  More especially, it was very effective--which was her whole point.


Unknown said...

There has been no discussion about Michael Chong as a viable leadership candidate. I find this a bit surprising. I realize on some issues he could be considered a "Red Tory" but he seems to be a very principled man.

Anonymous said...

It would be amusing to see the machinations the press would have to go through to attack her that's for sure. old screwl haters like Fife and oliver would likely put their foot in their mouths at some point and retire early.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Jason Kenny would be the superlative individual to keep Justin Trudeau's feet to the fire and for him to commence that job immediately, primarily because he is very familiar with the files.
No question Justin has taken on more then he is capable of delivering and already it is beginning to show even before he is sworn in.
A preview of things to come because it's one thing to criticize as the opposition but quite another when you are the government and he will learn this lesson quickly.