Monday, April 27, 2015

Alberta election party promises

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With about a week left, Here are the promises of the parties that I can remember so far:

NDP (Rachel Notley):

  • Eliminate the health premiums promised in the Prentice PC budget
  • Hike corporate taxes
  • 90% of Albertans won't see tax or fee hikes
  • Increase funding for health and education
  • Look at alternatives to KeyStone pipeline proposal
  • Refine oil bitumen in Alberta, limit the amount shipped out for refinement

Wildrose (Brian Jean):

  • Cut back middle-managers in gov't, freeze their wages, reduce expense budgets, in especially health, not front-line workers and balance budget in 5 years
  • No tax hikes or fees
  • Free hospital parking for two hours
  • No more school fees
  • Reduce cabinet

PCs (Jim Prentice) -essentially their recent budget:

  • Tax hikes and fee increases for health, booze (already in), fuel (already in), camping, marriages, mortgages, and about 50 more
  • Implement a progressive tax, increasing the more you make
  • No corporate tax hikes

Alberta Party (Greg Clark):

  • Reduce number of MLAs, cabinet

Liberals (David Swan):

  • Move away from coal and fossil fuels to alternative energies

If anyone would like to add anything, or correct me if I'm wrong, please feel free to comment.  These are simply my impressions of what I've read and heard.


Anonymous said...

I am guessing the liberal will get zero votes, or have the idiots in alberta bought in to the stupidity that is agw?

Anonymous said...
"Just as important, we will see Alberta start saving again. Our plan will see 50% of all non-renewable natural resource revenues (mostly oil and gas) deposited directly into the Heritage Fund. We will also leave all of the interest from the Heritage Fund, in the fund, allowing it to compound. This plan would see the Heritage Fund reach $200 billion within 20 years. - See more at:

"WRP is promising to invest 50% of all surpluses into the Heritage Trust and leave all interest in account untouched to help grow it too their estimate of $200 billion in 20 years."

these are 2 very different WildRose statements, you have to wonder which is accurate.

Lorne Russell said...

How is Notely going to snap her fingers and magically make it economically feasible to refind bitumen in Alberta? What planet is this woman on?

If it made economic sense to refine in Alberta the private sector would have made moves in that direction long ago.

Anonymous said...

Pointing out to Fildebrandt the discrepancy regarding the Heritage fund and questioning why, in his current blog, there is no longer any mention of the Heritage fund plans, gets your post deleted from his blog.